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Brittany Thomas

No description

Berchadette Moss

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Brittany Thomas

Plymouth College- 2007 - 2014
My Past Experience
I have worked for a variety of companies from Welding , to Sweets and Newspapers to Clothing, this has given me a variety of experience in lots of different trade. Enlightening my passion for sales and advertising. The use of advertising is used in everyday life and by creating such advertisement can inspire so many and also put a important message across
Photography: A
English : C/D
Psychology: U

I have obtained Gcses in:
English Literature: A
English Language: C
Maths: C
Photography; A
History; D
Classical Civilisation: C
Science Core: C
Wellington Welding Supplies
I Was a part time temp placement irregular basis helping with invoices and Customers service and inquiry’s within this job I learnt a range of skills including learning how to use plasma cutters, and how to keep track of payments and Delivery notes.
Brittany Thomas
DOB: 3rd November 1995

Email: bthomas@plymouth-college.co.uk

Mobile: 07973152512

My Information
AS and A2 Levels;
Qualifications and Education
I worked at Evans for a week’s work experience in June 2013. During this week, i learnt about the important contributing factors that are involved in the retail industry. Within this experience I learned about shop standards, Stock, Promotions, Advertising and quality of service that needs to be delivered to the customer. The importance of this standards to me is a key to any successful business
Evans Clothing Store

Arcadia Group
John Pascoes Newsagents
I have previously worked in Retail as a Sales Assistant for over a year now, this was a Part Time Weekend Job in which i learnt about sales and working within a team, also learning how to tactfully deal with different situations that you come by. The job has taught me a lot about the customer and how you need to treat them as it is vital that the customer is treated with the up most respect. I have learnt many other valuable skills such money skills and how much stock we have or is needed.
How this makes me different

All my Past and Present experiences have been based within a team built culture that i needed to cooperate in to be successful as a team and independently. These have helped me become a independent and confident person as i needed to help customers and make sure that i can sort a problem out when put on the spot. It also made sure that as a person i can communicate well in order to be organized and planned for the day which i find is very key in being successful.

What makes me Invaluable
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