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Food Presentation

By: Sonia Maria Kayla and Erin

Maria J.

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Food Presentation

Why we choose food.
Are the 7 th grade students at NFMS eating healthy lunches?

By: The Food Group Core 21

We all choose food because, it is more common then some of the other topics.
Out of the list of topics it was something we were interested in.
Food was a topic that seemed fun to do.
Also we wanted to learn more about food.
Survey Results:
Our schools menu.
We sent out a survey to see if 7th graders buy or pack lunch and why. 26 people said they buy lunch 24 said the don't buy lunch
Most people said they bought lunch because they don't have time to pack lunch. And most people said they don't buy because the food is unappetizing.
Some healthy food that you can choose at lunch are: roasted chicken, chicken cacciatore, turkey in gravy, and pasta,
Some unhealthy food that most people choose to eat are: cheesy pepperoni wrap, and cheesy bread sticks.
In conclusion, we say 7th graders at this school overall aren't eating healthy lunches. We say this due to the survey answers. We are not saying that all 7th graders are eating unhealthy lunches, but several are.

The Plate Test
We are conducting a test
to see if our class chooses
healthy food over unhealthy food. Please choose what you would honestly like to eat.
Yes, I buy lunch
No, I don't buy lunch
From our results, 84.39% of the 7th graders that buy lunch choose unhealthy options.
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