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Restaurant Cell Analogy

No description

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Restaurant Cell Analogy

The cytoplasm relates to the seating area in a restaurant. The cells cytoplasm is the area that contains all the organelles.
Golgi Body
In the Golgi Apparatus, it sorts and packages proteins and other materials. Such as a take out box, it packages food for storage in a customers fridge.
Restaurant Cell Analogy
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane determines what goes into the cell and what comes out. Just like the doors of the restaurant, they open and close for the customers to come in and go out.
A cilia enables cells to swim and move quickly through liquid. At a restaurant, a good sized parking lot and a wide area between each row allows cars to move quickly through the parking lot.
The nucleus serves as a control center of a cell similar to a brain in the human body, in this case it would be the Chefs since he is the one in control of the kitchen.
The mitochondria is similar to a line of cooks making food for the customers because the Mitochondria converts energy to food for the cell.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The ER is a pathway where lipids, proteins and other components of the cell are assembled.
The kitchen counter tops is where all the food is prepared and put together to be taken out to the customer.
Ashley Padre
Jena Shingler
Taylor Smith

Cell Wall
In a Restaurant, the cell wall are the walls that construct the entire building.
It act as a barrier in a way.

The ribosomes in the restaurant is the kitchen. That's where the food (proteins) are assembled and produced by following instructions that come from the DNA.
A vacuole in a cell is very similar to a fridge in a restaurant. Vacuoles are used to store food that the cell consumes which is what a refrigerator does.
The cytoskeleton gives the entire cell shape and organization. In the restaurant, a waiter or waitress is there to give the job structure and organization throughout the restaurant.
Chloroplasts capture the energy from the sun and convert it into food for the sell. A solar panel converts energy from the cell into electricity for many different things to help the restaurant function.
The nucleolus creates ribosomal RNA which eventually becomes part of the ribosomes and help produce proteins. Te chefs brain contains important recipes needed to satisfy the customers.
The chromosomes are similar to the guests in the restaurant because they are living organisms.
Lysosomes get rid of waste and trash just like a dumpster outside of restaurant.
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