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seminar in marketing

No description

mariham yousry

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of seminar in marketing

online shopping why people shop? how can they be satisfied ? online shopping what's the online shopping? Online shopping or online retailing is a form of electronic commerce which allow consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet without intermediary service.

The largest of these online retailing corporations are E-Bay and Amazon.com. goal driven motives:
shop to acquire products.

experiential motives:
such as : entertainment and fun.
"shop to shop" . goal fulfillment:
more related to online shopping

experience related outcomes:
more related to offline shopping. by:
mariham accessibility
information availability
control of society
commitment to goal
not experience. what is the goal-directed buying
consumer looking for? factors outcomes goal fulfillment
control what about the experiential buyer? factors atmosphere
positive society
positive surprise
commitment to experience outcomes entertainment
fun how many people shop online? With more than 6.5 billion people living on the earth today, it is impossible to tell the exact number of people who shop online

roughly 27 % of the world’s consumers shop via the Internet.

why Asia-Pacific region has at least 35 % of the total number of users shopping online??? Online shopping around the world: While it’s still nice to stop by a store to touch and see products, the convenience of online shopping can’t be beat.

for some services, such as booking travel or buying concert tickets, the ability to do so online has made the process much easier and more efficient. Online-Only Shops Have Greatest Global Site Appeal focus on middle east/Africa/Pakistan: Of those connected consumers who have online access, one-third say they do not plan on making a purchase in the next six months. online reviews and opinions: Online reviews and opinions were most important when buying and researching cars, software and consumer electronics.
Egyptians and Saudis are more likely than any other in the region to share a positive rather than a negative experience online!!!!! now it's clear that: Online shopping has become a popular trend for a variety of reasons. With the wide availability of internet, people have found convenient ways to communicate and do business through the world’s biggest media outlet. a majority of Internet buyers are goal- oriented.

77% of shoppers go online with a specific purchase in mind

the length of visits at the top e-commerce sites is largely 10 minutes. The Prevalence of Goal-Directed Buying on the Internet: what do you think online buyers feel when they shop offline ? of course more impulsive...... disappointed if they come home empty handed.
while online they feel little pressure, shop in their free moments, easily leave a site without purchasing " low commitment".
comfortable abandoning online shopping carts. Shopping online is the most under-developed in the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan region.

Almost half (47%) of online consumers indicate they have never made an online purchase—the highest percent of any other region in the world. online
behavior external environment: website quality factors that affect online consumer behavior Attitudes Towards Online Shopping: Vender/Service/Product Characteristics: demographics and personal characteristics: legal
framework 3rd party recognition system no. of
competitors trust attitude once online, demographics are not important. reputation, size, and use of testimonials. vender characteristics: product features : variety ,availability, price, dependability of product, customized products, and brand equity. service factors: ease of contact, response to needs, timeliness, personalization, ease of return, fraud, delivery. (+) acceptance of the Internet as a shopping channel.

(+) specific internet stores.

(-) perceived risk. financial risk product risk risk of privacy and security PEOU hygiene factors privacy
security technical aspects
navigation impartiality information
contents motivation
factors enjoyment organization of
(Meto) user
empowerment visual
appearance credibility convenience
oriented experience
oriented Vs. time constrained skilled regular web users purchasing task PU hygiene factors make satisfaction.

motivators add value the in the store consumer satisfaction intention to shop online decision making online purchasing measured by willingness to buy and return for additional loyal consumer information seeking.
comparison of alternatives.
choice making.
evaluation in depth. online purchasing affects online purchasing !!!!! frequency/value experience Vs. expectations the e-marketing mix,
does it differ ?? yes, it's a fact Organization now needs online strategies to attract and retain customers.
The e-marketing mix considers the elements of presenting the marketing mix online. The e-marketing mix equation: 4P + 2P + 3S + 2C e-product strategies: clear & immediate online facts about the product you are purchasing. e-price strategies: the easy access to information helps to maintain prices within the online world. e-place strategies: Online location can refer to where online links &Ads are placed on other websites. e-promotion strategies: Banner promotions.
Web public relations (WPR).
Having a domain name. personalization making a unique product offering for each customer. privacy The collection of information for Personalization forces upon the marketer a decision about how this information is to be used providing adequate Security to the consumer
that a third party cannot break into the database. Homepage, Navigation & Search
Page Design & Layout sales promotion: A direct inducement that offers extra value or incentive for the product/services to the consumer, eg: E-coupons customer service: community: Chat Rooms
User Ratings & Reviews.
Registries & Wish Lists. FAQ’s & Help Desk E-mail Response Mgmt. 3S 4P 2C 2P 4P security site the e-coupons 5 universal principles for successful
e-commerce website: 1- think about the logo : design for the consumer not for yourself 5 universal principles for successful e-commerce website: 2. Good UX Is Like A Perfect Movie Score It is not enough simply to make a website usable.
create an experience through which your customers learn to trust you. 5 universal principles for successful e-commerce website: 3. e-Commerce UX Pitfalls To Avoid Just because a website is usable, does not mean customers will use it. product detail page: More of the user’s time is spent on the product detail page.
Here, you need to offer customers all of the information they are looking for but present it in an intelligent way as well. the checkout process checkout process should have as few steps as possible. too many steps too quick ask for credit
so soon feel trapped lost control feel scared 4. The Value Of Content And Then (SoMe) 5 universal principles for successful e-commerce website: company should not only have a presence in but also interact with its consumers via social media. 5. Using Type And Color To Influence 5 universal principles for successful e-commerce website: your customer is not an artist
CAN IT BE RED ? great idea !! Agenda what's is the online shopping?
types of buyers.
some statistics .
focus on online consumer behavior.
principles of designing online store.
E-marketing mix. eye catching designs: High-quality food photography against a light minimalist background The dark and light colors, along with the Flash perfectly fit this online store. The spirit of a small, environmentally friendly grocery store is well reflected in this design A lot of glamour, shine and luxury. ありがとう choice paralysis
if they’re confused, a “default” choice helps prevent choice paralysis. the online consumer behavior
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