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English Literature 2B exam preparation and performance

No description

carol collins

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of English Literature 2B exam preparation and performance

contact details
2B small group sessions
Exam preparation and performance
English Literature 2B
Dr Carol Collins

2 questions - prepare 5-6 texts?
timing - factor in reading qs, deciding and planning
reading - read ALL the question, including 'command words'.
deciding - on knowability and doability
'pushing the boat out?
planning - clears time and helps to structure and include everything
Using past papers:
Writing in the exam
which one first - know yourself?
structure - introduction; logical progressed argument; conclusion
show your knowledge of the texts
make your thesis clear
stick to time - planning helps
do you need quotations?
do you need secondary texts?
texts, details, context
How should you organise your revision time?
How do you feel about timetables?
Make a priorities list
How are you going to study?
Project study time
Evaluate study time
Did it work/not work - why?
Knowledge - texts, details, context

Understanding - theory, theories, how to,

Applying and answering - use the above to create good exam essays
Do you usually........?
Plan your study time?
Think about how best to study?
It's worth doing -
your exam is worth 60% of your
mark and may make the difference
What should you study?
Primary texts - how many?

Past papers

Lecture notes?

Secondary texts?
re-reading primary texts and knowing them well
making new notes
mapping out details
re-reading lecture notes
learning quotations
mindmaps or other graphic notes
linear notes
recording device
memory techniques
past papers........
Understanding, application AND knowledge
applying ideas and theories to texts
practicing timed essays
practicing planning
practiced exam strategy/technique
how can any of my prepared texts be used?
write your own questions
In the exam
http://prezi.com/user/ ELAArts
Wednesday 13th April 12-1
Tuesday 26th April 11-12
Thursday 28th April 1-2
Wednesday 4th May 12-1
Room 318, Reading Room
1-2-1 appointments
Skype appointments
email appointments
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