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Microcotroller-based Motorcycle Security System through GSM

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orven mendoza

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Microcotroller-based Motorcycle Security System through GSM

Microcontroller-based Vehicle Security System with Tracking Capability using GSM and GPS Technology
Applying the technology to the Vehicle
GSM Technology
GPS Technology

Safety along with security plays a vital role in today’s society. The safety of vehicle is extremely essential for every private and public vehicle owner. One of the major problems that motorists are facing is the robbery or thefts of vehicle. It is also considered as one of the biggest fears of every vehicle owner aside from crashing.
Vehicle security, one of the very common problem of every vehicle owner.
Objectives of the Study
After careful analysis of the present situation of vehicle security systems, the researcher came up with this study that aimed to design and develop a microcontroller-based vehicle security system with tracking capability using GSM and GPS technologies.
Specifically, this project study aimed to work on these objectives:
1. Select the most appropriate components needed in the construction of the device as to:
1.1 Microcontroller Unit
1.2 Global System for Mobile Technology
1.3 Global Positioning System Technology
2. Design the required circuits capable of:
2.1 Securing and interacting with the vehicle
2.2 Tracking the location of the vehicle
3. Develop the program of the microcontroller used in interfacing with the different module hardwares of the device.
4. Test and evaluate the developed vehicle security system.

Here are the common way or actions of securing the vehicle :

1. Locking it by using its key
2. Putting an alarm
3. Placing chains
In the Philippines, vehicle owners use an alarm to alert them that somebody is moving the vehicle. Alarms may seem like a good way to attract attention of someone’s attempt on the vehicle, but people have gotten so used to false alarms that they do not investigate or even bother to check why the alarm went on. This is because the alarm sensors are so sensitive that even dragging noisy vehicles raise the car’s alarm.
Project Description
The project is geared to help vehicle owners to become more comfortable and secured with their vehicle using GSM and GPS technologies.
The project can do the ff:
1. Having a sensor to automatically activate the security alarm
2. Controlling by turning on/off the engine and the main switch of the vehicle
3. Communication between the vehicle and the owner through the use of GSM Module
4. Locate the reliable location of the vehicle by using GPS receiver module.

Another common way of securing vehicle is by locking it using its key when the owner leaves it at a parking place, however in just a minute a thief can easily control and destroy its lock, simply by using other tools that can run the vehicle. At home, placing chains is done by the owner to ensure the safety of the vehicle but again, by using a heavy tool for cutting the chain, the vehicle may be taken away from the owner.
There are no enough things that can alert the owner if something happens on the vehicle
Adopting GSM and GPS technology
for Vehicle Security
Orven F. Mendoza
Scope of the Project
The project is focused on the enhancement of the security systems applied to the vehicle through a device with application of GPS and GSM technology.
1. It includes the use of mobile phone or any mobile computing devices to communicate with the vehicle
2. An additional alarm that will work if triggered by the theft while activated by the owner
3. Reliable tracking of the location of vehicle through GPS technology
4. An emergency button that the owner can be use in terms of emergency

1. The device will not identify the cause of vibrations or movements of the vehicle.
2. The project will not check the load balance of the SIM
3. The Network Problem greatly affects the execution of process of the device
4. The GPS signal problem affects the transferring of data to the device
Significance of the Study
1. Vehicle owner
2. Law Enforcers
3. Faculties and Students
4. Proponent
5. Future researchers
Conceptual Literature

The following relevant literature's show concepts that concern:

1. Global System for Mobile Communication
2. Global Positioning System (GPS)
3. Microcontroller
Research Literature
A number of project studies which have been developed by different researchers in the field of Vehicle Security, Remote Controlling and GPS and GSM technology provided the researcher with additional knowledge.

1. Developing a Motorcycle Alarm with GSM technology
Author: George Szegezdi, Silver Keskkula
2. Microcontroller Based Anti-theft Security System Using GSM Networks with Text Message as Feedback
Author: Visa M. Ibrahim, Asogawa A.
3. GSM based Anti Theft System for Vehicles
Author: Akash Goswami, Pankaj Kumar, Shashank Shekhar Singh, Yogesh Chauhan, Sonali Dubey
4. A New Method to Prevent Accidents in Railways using Microcontroller based on GSM and GPS Technology
Author: I.Rajani Kumari, G.Krishna Kishore
5. GSM Based Emergency Calling System
Author : Prof. Himanshu K.Patel, Deep H. Desai, Yadav Satyendra S
6. Design of a GSM Cell – Phone based Vehicle Monitoring & Theft Security System
Author : Amol S. Dhotre, Abhishek S. Chandurkar & S. S. Jadhav
7. Locating & Monitoring Objects using RF Transmitters & Recievers and Retrieving data using GSM
Author : Jagannath N. Mohite, Prof. J. G.
8. Least-Congested Route estimation using GPS equipped Vehicles in Urban Road Networks
Author : Prof. D. N. Rewadkar1, Tuhina Dixit
9. Three phase Parameter Data Logging and Fault Detection using GSM Technology
Author : Sushama S. Kagde, Prof. Deshmukh B. T
10. Mobile Tour Guide Combining GPS and RFID
Author : Pradnya K. Dhamal, Prof. Virendra V. Shete, Prof. S.B.Somani

11. GSM based Remote monitoring of Waste Gas at locally monitored GUI with the implementation of Modbus protocol and location identification through GPS
Author : Seema vora, Prof.Mukesh Tiwari, Prof.Jaikaran Singh
12. GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services
Author : Farooq, U, ul Haq, T, Amar, M, Asad, M.U, Iqbal, A
13. GSM Based LAN Monitoring and Controlling
Author : Prof. Mamata Bhamare, Tejashree Malshikare, Renuka Salunke, Priyanka Waghmare
14. Remote Monitoring and Controlling System Based on ZigBee Networks
Author : Soyoung Hwang and Donghui Yu
Prof. Enrico M Dalangin
Project Design
Tracking the location of the motor vehicle through GPS technology.

The GPS technology allows the owner of the vehicle to pinpoint the location of his vehicle that has been enabled for tracking and being monitored through a PC, Smart Phones or a personal tracking device. In the design project the device will send an SMS message to the preferred user. Part of the SMS message composed of latitude and longitude coordinate values, Example: LAT:13.52.9088 LONG:120.54.5848, this follows the format of degrees.minute, because of this in order to get the exact degree value, minute value should be divided by 60, recall that 1 degree = 60min. So for the particular example the LAT:13.52.9088 will be LAT:13.881813 and the LONG: 120.54.5848 will be LONG:120.90808 which gives the exact place of the motor vehicle.
The location of the vehicle can be easily seen using the Google maps, Google Earth and other website place finder using latitudes and longitudes values.

The study generated the following findings:
1. Selection of the Most Appropriate Components needed in the Construction of the Device
1.1 Microcontroller unit. The PIC16F877A and PIC16F876A were used in the device. These two microntrollers were programmed to create the decision and make an input-output process. They handle the input of the user or the input of the device itself.
1.2 Global System for Mobile technology. SIM900D GSM module was selected to become part of the device that plays an important role in communication between the owner and the vehicle. The project used as the module to transmit an SMS Notification message to the user or receive the text command or action of the user or owner.
1.3 Global Positioning System technology. The GPS-33R, GPS Receiver module was chosen as part of the device that would track the vehicle’s location. This is a low cost module capable of providing the coordinates, latitude and longhitudes of the vehicle.
2. Design of the Required Circuits
2.1 Securing and interacting with the vehicle. The device provides additional security to the vehicle as the vehicle moves the sensor is activated, it raises an alarm and the owner will receive a notification message that the vehicle moved unexpectedly. Vehicle power switching and other output actions happen whenever an interaction through SMS of the owner to the vehicle is conducted.
2.2 Tracking the location of the vehicle. User of the motor vehicle would be able to track the location of his vehicle through the GPS Technology depending on the GPS signal. It takes 30 – 60 seconds before the GPS module captures and establishes connection to the satellites. The latitude and longitude coordinates are the exact location of the device attached to the vehicle. Good internet / data connections are required to view its exact location.

3. Development of the Microcontroller Program used in interfacing with the Module Hardwares of the Device
A program for the microcontroller was developed that linked the different modules used in the project. To install and make the program to the device, the researcher used softwares like Microcode Studio - Picbasic Pro, Mplab IDE, e- Pickit2, and Proteus 7.7 ISIS Professional to produce an accurate, accessible and efficient microcontroller-based vehicle to human and vice versa communication and a security for vehicle with tracking capability. The GSM signal was used to create a communication between the human and the device attached to the vehicle. The program included SMS message with correct format, A four character password then followed by the required command.
4. Testing and evaluating the developed vehicle security system.
The Test and Evaluation of the Device showed the developed system was functional, reliable, usable, efficient and sustainable but was difficult to troubleshoot in the absence of the network signal. The system was found capable of providing additional security for the vehicle as coordinates were very reliable as they gave exact place or location of the vehicle.


Based from the findings of the study, the following conclusions are drawn:

1. The section of the most appropriate components such as GSM, GPS, relay and micocontroller unit makes feasible the development of a vehicle security system which adopts the GSM and GPS technologies The device will surely help its owner to safeguard his/her vehicle wherever it goes.
2. The design of the device enables it to communicate and track location of missing vehicles. The sensor alarmand the GPS receiver are significant features which alert vehicle owner and provide coordinates much needed in vehicle tracking. The design, however; relies strongly on internet availability and Network provider signal without which no tracking and communications may be done.

3. The program of the microcontroller used in interfacing with the different module hardwares runs accordingly in tracking, receiving and sending SMS notification to the user and switching on and off the key switch, engine and the alarm. The different softwares enabled the construction and test the developed program. This shows that the expected outputs have been achieved by the microcontroller.
4. The testing and evaluation of the developed system help to make the desired output of the project. The developed device is functional, reliable, usable, efficient and sustainable.

Based on the findings and conclusions, the developer recommends the following:
1. The size of the casing of the device should be considered. Additional technology like Radio Frequency (RF) and some touchscreen based application can also be adopted. The wiring connections of the device to the motor vehicle may also be considered.
2. Translating latitude and longhitude coordinates to an exact address using software or develop software that can translate the coordinates to the exact location in order to lessen the effort of the vehicle owner in decoding the coordinates and make the GPS data more readable.

3. Study the ways on how the GSM modem and GPS receiver may provide a very good signal even in an isolated area to establish a communication between the vehicle and the owner
4. Consider implementing a Keypad Module to input numbers for registration of SIM numbers and use of Biometrics for the identity of user.
Inside the device
The part of the device
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