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Black Spider Monkey

No description

Emily Wheeler

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Black Spider Monkey

The black spider monkeys average number of offspring is one baby.
The offspring usually lasts its whole life, which is average to about 30 years.
The baby black spider monkeys are so adorable !!:)
Birth Rate-How many young and how many survive
The diet of a black spider monkey is mainly fruits and leaves.
However, they will also eat nuts, eggs, seeds, and insects.
The black spider monkey is not a carnivore, but a herbivore.
That means that it doesn't eat meat, it eats fruits, plants, etc.
Diet-What do they depend on for food source
Most of the time the female black spider monkeys give birth to only a single baby.
It is usually every two to five years that they give birth.
The young monkeys depend on their mothers for almost ten weeks, but after that they start to explore on their own.
Mothers continue to care for the first year after they are born.
The black spider monkey is found in eastern South America in areas north of the Amazon River.
The black spider monkeys are one of the seven species of spider monkeys found in Latin America.
They are also one of the largest primate species in South America.
You can find them in tropical areas.
Range-Where does it live ?
Black Spider Monkey
Ateles paniscus

Life Span- In wild and in captivity
The oldest black spider monkey in captivity lived to be 46 years old ! wow !
Few black spider monkeys live to be 40 years old though.
The oldest female that is being tracked in the wild is 37.8 years old !
The oldest female in captivity lived to be 34 years old, exactly 12 years younger than the oldest male.
oldest male black spider monkey
Oldest female black spider monkey
Why is the Black spider monkey endangered ?
The known predators of the black spider monkey are jaguars, pumas, ocelots, margays, harpy eagles, and humans.
The destruction of tropical rainforests,and hunting are also threats of the black spider monkey.
They usually prefer mature rainforests, and they are especially vulnerable to forest fragmentation.
What can we do to keep the black spider monkey from being extinct ?
One way that we can keep the black spider monkeys from being extinct is to raise money to get them a new habitat.
Make a law to ban hunting black spider monkeys.
It is hard to know how many black spider monkeys there are left in the world because they are kind of hard to find.
What does it mean to be endangered ?
Endangered means threatened with danger or extinction.
I can't believe that somebody would threaten a cute little monkey !!
What does the black spider monkey look like ?
The black spider monkey looks like a normal monkey, except its whole body is black and you can sometimes find one with a red face. They have long tails and and they get their "spider" monkey name from the way that they hang from trees. It looks like a spider hanging from a web !!:):):):)
Black Spider Monkey
Natural Enemies
The natural enemies of the black spider monkey are jaguars, pumas, ocelots, margays, harpy eagles, and humans !

Black spider monkeys don't have a thumb !
Spider monkeys are arboreal animals, which means they spend their life in treetops.
Spider monkeys mostly eat plant-based food.
They are very social animals.
The reason why spider monkeys sleep in trees is to keep from predators.
They use different sounds for communication.
Spider monkeys do not have a specific mating season
Gestation Period
the disintegration, collapse, or breakdown of norms of thought, behavior, or social relationship.
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