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India Health and Development

No description

Joan Amudu

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of India Health and Development

CASE STUDY: India Life Expectancy Human Development Index Health and Development Maternal & Child Health Child Mortality CONCLUSION Child mortality is a sensitive indicator of a country’s socio-economic development. India tops global list on child mortality The U5 child mortality rate in Kerala is 14/1000 deaths. Sharp contrast to 91/1000 for Uttar Pradesh. India is categorized as a Medium Human Development country, ranked at 136th with an HDI of 0.554.
LIFE EXPECTANCY, MOBILITY LITERACY LEVELS HEALTH GDP/GNI Bangladesh is a much poorer country than India. The per capita income for the average citizen in Bangladesh is half of India ($780 versus $1420) in 2011 GNI per capita - India vs. Bangladesh % of GDP to Health OVERVIEW However, GNI is not an effective measure of development because GNI measures wealth. It does not take into account:
The distribution of wealth Despite a higher GNI, the % of GDP allocated to health is similar between Bangladesh and India. Yet, life expectancy in Bangladesh (68) is higher than India (66). OVERVIEW: HEALTH & DEVELOPMENT Definition of Health & Development
Case Study -India
Development Indicators
Literacy rates
Human Development Index (HDI)
Health Indicators
Life expectancy
Maternal Health
Child Mortality
Conclusion Not effective as development indicator because:
does not consider disparity within the country
Also, does not consider development of different aspects of society

Used as an indicator of development by the UN. A large proportion of maternal deaths occur across the Northern Indian states e.g Uttar Pradesh, compared to the South Indian states like Kerala Global maternal deaths - 536,000
Maternal deaths in India - 136,000,
1/4 of global maternal death Why Maternal & Child Mortality? Maternal mortality:
Indicates female access to healthcare, education and income
Reflection of gender inequality
Socio-cultural status of females

Child mortality:
"IMR is considered to be one of the strongest indicators of a country's well-being, as it reflects social, economic and environmental conditions in which children live, including their health care" - Alderman & Behrman, 2004 Health is not determined by economic development alone.

Economic development is dependent on Health. "Better health is central to human happiness and well-being. It also makes an important contribution to economic progress, as healthy populations live longer, are more productive, and save more."

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