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Rough Draft Review

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Rough Draft Review

Rough Draft Review
Do Now - May 6, 2015
1. Share your reaction to what
you saw yesterday in
Food Inc.
Thoughts and feelings?

2. Make a connection between
something in the film and what
we have been learning in the

-Today is a normal schedule!
-Tomorrow is SBAC testing (2 hour classes, then 50 minute classes)
Today's Objective
SWBAT construct body paragraph #2 using peer feedback, while including all of the elements in the diagram.
Learning Objective #1

SWBAT analyze the documentary Food, Inc by identifying connections between the film and the Capstone documents.
Peer Review Checklist
(6 minutes)

-Be honest
-Be helpful
-You MAY mark on
their paper!
Please give your your
partner's essay
peer review sheet
back to them

1. Peer Review Checklist
2. Grows & Glows
3. Write Paragraph 2 using peer feedback

Raise your hand when you are done in order to receive credit:)
Long Classes: NYU and HARVARD
Short Classes: YALE and MIT
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