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Snack counter

No description

nurdina kamalbaharin

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Snack counter

* Carbohydrate- 5 portions a day
* Proteins- 2 or 3 portions
* Fats- small amount
* Dairy- 2 or 3 portions
* Fruit and Vegetable- 5 portions

Snack counter
Task Analysis.
By: Nafisa& Nurdina
Our diets
pink fondant icing and
pink ready to roll icing
Fruit cones:
different types of berrys
and sprinkles
Chocolate chip
Chocolate truffles:
3 for 50p
strawberry, vanilla
and chocolate
with whipped cream
chocolate, fruit
and chocolate chips
Chocolate brownies:
Sweet Tarts:
jam, curd
Sweet snacks
Targeted at teenagers
Types of diets
vegetarian diets: they do not eat animal based foods expect for eggs, dairy and honey.
vegan diets: they do not eat anything that is animal based,including eggs, dairy, and honey
low fat diets: increasing blood cholesterol levels
low carbohydrate diets: maintian low and stable blood glucose levels
Gluten free diets: A gluten-free diet is the only medically accepted treatment for celiac disease which is suffered from the related inflammatory skin condition
Savoury snack
Cheese sticks
3 for 50p
crispy bready crumbs with cheesy, creamy inside
Mini quieches
pastry and cheesy filling
sausage rolls
puffy pastry and meaty filling
3 for 50p
pastry with seasoning and cheese
mini pizzas
with thin base and toppings
with crispy layer and meat or veg
spring rolls
crispy layer and meat or veg inside
Mac and cheese
in little pots soft pasta
with cheesy creamy fill
Our project is to Design and make one sweet and savoury snacks to sell that is suitable for teenages.
targeted at teenagers
Our task:
* Choose eight different types of sweet and savoury snacks and create a mood board.

* To plan a sweet and savoury snack, what it contains E.g the ingredients.
* How to make it healthier.
* How to make it look good and tastes nice.

* Using the mood board we had created a survey and pie charts to see what different people preffere as their snacks
As a result, the most popular sweet snack is milkshake and the least popular is fruit cone. The most popular savoury snack is mini pizza and the least is spring rolls.
The answers that you have given us we will surely take them into account and it will definatley have an impact on our final desicion.
Nafisa Rashid
Evaluation of sweet product
For my sweet product I made cupcakes.
What went well was that I brought all my ingredients and measured them precisely. I kept within my time limit when the cupcakes were baking and I had enough time for washing my dishes. I also mixed my mixture so there would be plenty of air bubbles in them to make my cupcakes light and fluffy.
If I could improve next time, I would bring more cupcake cases, and I would also try to make different flavour cupcakes, such as vanilla and chocolate.

Nurdina kamalbaharin
Evaluation of sweet product.
For my sweet product I made chocolate chip cookies.
What went well was that I was very prepared and had all my ingredients ready and weighted.
I can improve by baking the cookies for longer and spreading the mixture equally on the baking tray.

Final piece
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