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Constellation project

this project is about a constellation. the constellation i'm doing is Taurus. this is an assigment my teacher gave my class to do.

Sophie Morse

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Constellation project

Taurus-The Bull Aries Orion Gemini Myth
Zues fell in love with
a Phoenician princess
named Europa. He transformed
into a bull and became her
pet and friend. One day she
climbed upon the bull's back,
and he carried her away to
Crete. Once they were in Crete, he transformed himself back into Zues. they later got
married. Star Table absolute magnitude distance color type of star surface temperature

Aldebaran(Alpha) 0.85 67 light years orangy class K 4616 degrees Kelvin

Elnath(Beta) 1.65 130 light years white with class B 13000 degreees Kelvin
tinged blue

Hyadum I(Gamma) 3.65 154 light years orange class KO 4970 degrees Kelvin

Hyadum II(Delta I) 3.76 153 light years orange class KO 4665 degrees Kelvin
Winter Constellation
-Best seen in January horoscope
perfect match is scorpio
ruled by Venus (love and money)
an earth sign
tend to be stubborn
appreciate down to earth and reliable friends
have a taste for luxury items
well balanced
thank you for watching :) <3 :)
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