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Alexis Squires

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mission Accomplished
letter of intent demonstrates her strong will to become the best pediatric physical therapist at UNM.
What is a physical therapist?

Typical day in the life of a physical therapist.

Analysis of resume and letter of Intent.

Alexis Squires Applicant for University of New Mexico's Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program
"Restores patient's function, alleviates pain, and prevents disabilities by planning and administering medically prescribed physical therapy."
"A physical therapist is more than just a rehabilitation specialist. They are a source of motivation and support to their patients. During this struggle they listen to the patients needs and help them to cope both physically and emotionally."
-licensed Pt
Physical therapists typically work in private offices and clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. They spend much of their time on their feet, actively working with patients.
Physical therapists must graduate from accredited Physical Therapy Programs in order to sit to take the licensing exam. Physical therapist need to be physiological knowledge and communicate effectively with patients and staff.
Skills & Qualification
Good Resume and Letters of Intent
are memorable
grab the reader's attention
are direct
are clear
demonstrate characteristics of the individual

My Resume
Educational Background
Crimson Scholar
Deans List
Aggies for Christ
Kinesiology Club
Mesilla Park Community Church Hospitality Team
Awards and Community Involvement
Leadership Skills
Caring Attitude
Team worker
Cultural Diversity
Childcare Experience
Pediatric Physical Therapist
4.0 GPA
Universities attended
Honors & Awards
Campus Involvement
Work Hisotry
Physical therapy observation hours
Clinical Experience
Over 200
Alexis Squires
resume and
"1st Year: Orthopedics, anatomy and evidence based practice and 8 weeks of an Orthopedic clinic over summer.
2nd Year: is Neuro, Pediatrics, Health and Wellness, and Pathology/Differential Diagnosis and over summer is Wound Care/Burns, Advanced Manual Therapy, Acute Care, and Advanced Evidence Based Practice.
3rd Year: Women's Health, Administration, and Advanced Differential Diagnosis for 8 weeks, three more clinical rotations (1-8 week rotation and 2-10 week rotations). You are required to do an acute care rotation, a neuro rotation (which can include pediatrics or not), and an elective (can be anything)."
-UNM PT Student
Program Curriculum
"The program is intense because it is very fast paced. Classes run from 8-5 M-TH and 8-12 F. The program is very intense. I have not had an "easy" semester yet. We are the 3rd or 4th class to go through the DPT program here at UNM, and they are still playing with the intensity of the program, and the class before us had a slightly lighter load, and the professors determined that was not beneficial. So, they have added a lot of extras for our class, but it will prepare us for our licensure exam better. "
UNM PT Student

Intensity of Workload
"To our knowledge, 100% of graduates are employed within 6 months of passing the licensure examination.
The average (2009-12) total pass rate is 99%."
-UNM Program Assistant
Student Outcome
"What are the characteristics of an ideal candidate for your program?
An ideal candidate must demonstrate that s/he has a strong work ethic and desire to enter the physical therapy profession. He or she will have a combination of life, work and academic experience that shows a capacity to perform under the demands of a challenging academic and professional program."
-UNM Program Assistant

Ideal UNM PT Candidate
My Letter of Intent
Contact Information
-Phone number

"We all have dreams.
In order to make dreams
come into reality,
it takes an awful lot of determination,
dedication, self-discipline and effort."
--Jesse Owens
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