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Dakota & Ojibwe Compare and Contrast

No description

Simon Baker

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Dakota & Ojibwe Compare and Contrast

Dakota & Ojibwe Compare and Contrast
By Jason Berry & Simon Baker

Dakota & Only Dakota
South Minnesota
dugout/burnout canoes
spoke Dakota
7 council fires
lived from St Croix- Rocky Mountains
Ojibwe & Only Ojibwe
traveled East from Atlantic Ocean
North Minnesota
thanked animals/ plants w/ tobacco
played "lacrosse"
birchbark canoes
spoke Ojibwe
valued oral history
hunted/ gathered
sugar camps
grew crops/ harvested wild rice
valued good human capital
got what they needed from nature
generosity/ respect/ kinship= important
different seasons different lifestyle
treaty with Dakota/ Ojibwe

Thank You for Watching
our incredible slide show, and please come again:)
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