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Santa Cruz Brochure

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Daphne T

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Santa Cruz Brochure

Santa Cruz Brochure
O'Neill Wetsuits
Gizdich Ranch
Economics: Buying, Selling, Trading Making Things, & Managing The Wealth And Resources Of A Region.
The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is half-mile long historical amusement park next to main beach. There's about 34 rides and attractions including two National historic landmarks. The giant dipper is one of the oldest roller coaster. It was built in 1924. And there's also the double shot which is a fun ride it shoots you up fast then you go down etc. There are lots of small kiddie rides. You can try mini golfing glow in the dark. Same with lazer tag. At the arcade there's lots of games you'll in joy!. Either with friends or family can have fun. So come to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
Covello & Covello
Santa Cruz Harvey West Park
Food Stamps
Spend a day with your family at Gizdich Famliy Ranch in a country side atmosphere. Enjoy delicious home made desserts at the Ranch Pie Shop. They make many varieties of different pies; nine to be exact. they also have apple dumplings, apple slush, and puff pastries. You can pick yourself some strawberries Olallie berries, boysenberries, and apples. After picking, take a self guided tour of their apple orchard and berry farms. After a tour, picking, and pie shopping you and your family can enjoy a picnic lunch behind the sales barn. When you're ready to go, don't go home empty handed. Visit their gift shop. It has special and unique gifts made there at the ranch. They hope to see you and your family there soon at Gizdich Ranch

Daphne Tuncer
Alillana Urioste
Janell Reyes
Ms Brooks
O'Neill wetsuits were invented and produced in Santa Cruz by Jack O'Neill. Wetsuits were made to keep us warm and safe in the ocean. The technology behind the way wetsuits keep you warm: it keeps a film of water in your wetsuit that warms up with your body heat. When you go under a wave the film of water washes out and then a new film of water enters and the process starts over. Wetsuits help us with buoyancy, They don't make us as buoyant as life jackets, though. There are two different ways to make wetsuits: The first one is to stitch all the pieces of neoprene together, the second one is to glue all the pieces together. Wetsuits keep us safe and warm, thanks to Jack O'Neill Santa Cruz community member
The Santa Cruz Mountains
Geographical Setting: Physical features and climate of a particular place where people live.
The Santa Cruz Mountains are a part of the Pacific Range. There are many things to do up in the mountains of Santa Cruz. For example, you can go for a hike, horseback riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, or back packing. While doing any of these things, you will get to see Beautiful views on various trails of the forests. One fact: is that the highest point in the range is Loma Prieta Peak, which reaches 3,786 feet. Go enjoy a day of fresh air up high in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Harvey West Park
Technology: Use of tools and other inventions for practical uses
Recreation: activities people do as hobbies and for relaxation and fun.
Name: O'Neill Wetsuits
Address: 1115 41st ave Santa Cruz, CA
Phone: (831)-475-4151
The Picnic Basket is a locally owned and locally sourced restaurant that serves a variety of food. For lunch menus they specialize in sandwiches, soups and salads. Their sandwiches have a wide range of local vegetables and meats. They have one soup that varies from day to day. Their salads and cheeses are from local farms. Now for the deserts! They serve freshly made donuts, scones, and cookies. They have homemade ice creams, that have very interesting flavors like strawberry peppercorn and burnt cinnamon. The flavors change every week. The Picnic Basket is a great place to stop for a meal or desert!
Address: Santa Cruz, CA
Basic needs: food, clothing, shelter
Address: 55 Peck Ham Road
Watsonville, CA 95076
Phone: (831)-722-1056
Name: Picnic Basket
Address: 125 Beach St.
Santa Cruz, CA
Phone: (831)-427-9946
The Harvey West park is a big amusement park. You can hangout with your family and friends, have a picnic, swim in the pool, and play on the play ground! You can have your birthday parties there! There is a big tall trees a field you my play soccer on or other sports . In the park they host Ducky, and there’s an awesome train. Sometimes they have carnivals or races to! There’s also football and basketball games at the Harvey West Park. As you can see the Harvey west park is a fun and exciting community park.

Food stamps are helpful to lots of people especially if you don't have a steady job. Food stamps actually pay for most of your grocery food shopping. Food stamps are also very helpful because if you need some cash, the food stamp program actually gives you some money. The government is actually helping your family when you apply for food stamps. It doesn’t matter what age your kids are. If you think your family could qualify for food stamps, apply now. I recommend you to at least apply in order to experience what other people are experiencing. You can go and apply at 1020 Emeline st.
Our Lady Star of the Sea Church
communication: language used to send and receive understood messages.
family and kinship: family life, the daily interaction of family members,& family organization-including leadership, family size, and make-up
Attitude Towards the Unknown: Set of spiritual beliefs, values
In Santa Cruz our mayor has a say in almost everything we decide to do. We have had mayors for quite a long time. The first mayor, Santa Cruz had was in 1876. His name was William F. Cooper, he was mayor for two years. Mayor Cooper was known to be kind to Native Americans, and his citizens. Santa Cruz was incorporated in 1866 as a town under the laws of California and receive its first chapter as a city in 1876. At that time the city was governed by a mayor and city council consisting of four members
City Hall

Our Lady Star of The Sea Church is a welcoming community for all Catholics. The congregation together celebrates God and his presences. Their story helps them remember who they are. Together in 1947 was when their parish was formed and conducted. The place where it all began was in the old sea bright hotel. They held services and such there in the hotel. They soon built and finished their own church in 1949. After many services and prayers in the church there was a small fire that did occur in 1969. The rear of the church was damaged. In a special way, the church members of Our Lady Star of the Sea are marked with the same sense of community.

Covello and Covello are a great family friendly photography company. They have a long history in Santa Cruz. Covello and Covello have been around since 1983, originally called and owned by Ed Webber. Many different people have owned the company,` currently covello and covello are owned by Karen Covello and her husband Jon Covello. They do four different kind of photography. The first kind is wedding photography, they will take pictures in many different locations! The second kind is historical photography which Ed Webber did many years ago. The third kind is commercial photography which is taking pictures for a commercial reason. Last but not least they do portrait photography of families and high school students. Covello and Covello is a very talented company that was founded in Santa Cruz.

Political Orginazation:
Leadership and power, the people or group that rule a particular region
Address: 809 Center St. Santa Cruz, CA
Phone (831)-420-5020
The Arts: Human creations intended to express beauty and convay messages
Address: 303 Potreros St.
Santa Cruz, CA
Phone: (831)-423-2922
PHONE: (831)454-4165

Our Lady Star of the Sea
Address: 435 Fredrick St.,
Santa Cruz CA 95062
Phone: (831)-429-1018
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