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"A patch of old snow"

No description

Daniel Riess

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of "A patch of old snow"

"A Patch of Old Snow"
Robert Frost By Daniel Riess *Robert Lee Frost
*Winner of four Pulitzer Prizes.
*Read at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration.
*Moved to New Hampshire in 1915.
*1916 he published "A Patch of Old Snow" Biography * 3rd-4th lines "Was....Rest." Shows that because Frost didn't take his time and stop to overlook the snow in the corner he mistook it as an old piece of newspaper. Most people in this world are to much in a rush that they don't take the time out to see the beauty of nature and when they do see it they confuse it with a man made feature.
* 5th-6th lines "It is....overspread it" In the start of the second stanza Frost tries to justify his misunderstanding by saying that the small pieces of dirt on the snow looks like the black newspaper print. Another way he tried to justify himself was that when you think of snow you think of a white flawless blanket, but here he saw a small patch of snow in a corner with black specs on it. So he thought to himself that it couldn't be snow. Analysis Cont'd * In the last two lines "The....it." are most two important lines in the poem. Frost is saying that the snow is like the newspaper now because you read the newspaper one day and the next day you forget all about it. Its like you see the beauty of winter on day but after that day you forget all about it and it becomes easily forgotten just like yesterday's newspaper. Analysis Cont'd Analysis * First line "There's....Corner" Frost shows that the smallest of things in this world which is the beauty of the snow can grab anybodies attention even if the object is in a tiny, compacted corner.
* Second line "That....guessed" Even though Frost saw the patch of snow in the corner he didn't really stop and take his time to look at it and this shows that small things can be over looked because the importance of the object doesn't affect the person overseeing. Important Facts * The usage of the "Corner" is important because the beauty of a whole snowfall could be compacted into one small corner and this shows that beauty could be placed into any shape or form.
* People forget easily which is shown in the last two lines because Frost even admits to forgetting the news from yesterday. If people forget yesterday's news then they would forget the beauty of the snow. Synthesis Piece The picture is similar to the poem because the snow in the picture is like the snow in the poem both are compacted and pushed aside by people. The rocks in this picture are represented by the people in the world not caring about the beauty of nature and like the rocks in the picture over the snow the people in this world are also over the beauty of nature
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