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Culture Group Application

No description

Tom Cruise

on 25 March 2016

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Transcript of Culture Group Application

Indignous Tribes:
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2 Block
By: Luke Turner, Bailey Rey, and Joshua Sosebee

Regional Culture Group
Northern territory made up of the islands of Melville and Bathurst known as the Tiwi Island
Major Custom/Traitions-
The Tiwi people are know for there high quality painting and sculpting. The Tiwi people also practice ceremonial body panting which they believe keeps the dead from reclaiming their love ones.
Focus on three major things day-to-day taboos, set of beliefs and rituals retaining from death, and their initiation ceremonies for young men.
Whether you're a land or sea hunter there is a vast majority of animals that are hunted. The food ranges from wallaby, lizards, possums, carpet snakes, and pig to turtle, crocodiles, dugong. Tiwi also collect coconuts, bush apples, plums, and yams
Housing- Use local material to build houses that supports a family. The builds include a kitchen, bathroom, and two to three beds depending on the size of the family.
The dominate language is Tiwi yet they learn English as a second language. Tiwi has been adapting making it hard for the young to communicate to the old.
Folk Culture
Physical Map
Political Culture
Language Map
Location: From the north of the Yarra River, including what is now metropolitan Melbourne to the Werribee River. The boundary spreads south east as far as Mordialloc creek and over to Healesville.
major customs/traditions
Art was used for educational and ceremonial purposes
Symbols in caves were used to tell stories
The Anangu belived that the wallaby and poisnous snakes were very important acestors.
Tjukurpa is the basis of all Anangu knowlage and connects everything in life
Ornate burrowing frog
common bushtail possum
wood cockroach
bush potato
plant roots
The Anangu people lived in hunts made from resorces indigenous to the area like clay, sticks and grass.
Australasia's culture is very similar to that of Britain. This is due to Australasia holding British prisoners and having European colonies. Many folk songs that derive from Australasia talk about the lives of prisoners and their hard ships. With influence from European Countries Australia's music is today mainly about life in ww2 from the views of immigrants.
Religion: The religion of the Wurundjeri tribe is called "Dreamtime". Some Dreamtime stories are Bunjil & Pallian Creation Story: Bunjil is the Creator spirit of the Kulin People and Birrarung Creation Story: formation of the Birrarung River.
The Anangu people live in mid-south austalia
Food: Some of the food eaten by the Wurundjeri are murnong (yam daisy), eel, fish, duck, shellfish, emu, kangaroo, and possum.
Customs/ Traditions: The Wurundjeri play a game called Marn Grook. The boys and men make a ball out of possum skin and they drop it then kick it at the same time. Whoever catches the ball is the next one to kick it.

In this tribe the women are traditionally the food gatherers, being responsible for almost 90% of food collected.
Housing: The tribe makes housing know as a humpy. A humpy is a small, temporary shelter made from bark and tree branches. It can also be called a "lean-to" since it can rely on a tree for support.
Pop Culture
Pop culture has taken Australia in many ways. They now have tv shows such as The Bachelor and the band 5 Seconds of Summer originated in Australia so they also have popular music today. The clothing in Australia is different from that in Europe because Australia goes for a more causal look.
Between 1788 and 1900 the aboriginals population of Australia was reduced by 90%. This was the main effect of Britain colonizing Australia. Britain brought new diseases unknown to the aboriginal people like smallpox, the flu, and measles. Britain also took the aboriginals land away. Britain assumed that the aboriginals could be moved easily because of their nomadic lifestyle, but they couldn't be moved that easily. This caused war between the aboriginals and Britain, which also killed many more of the indigenous people.
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