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Independence Day

presentation on Independence day

Alex Sigrist

on 10 April 2012

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Transcript of Independence Day

Independence Day What Is Independence Day? Independence Day is the day that the United States
of America declared freedom from Great Britain. Why is Independence Day important? Independence Day is important because it sparked the revolutionary war
and started the United States on our path to freedom, and being our own
nation. Independence day started on July 4th 1776, when the declaration of Independence was signed and is still celebrated every year since then. Independence day started in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, where the declaration of
independence was signed. The signing of the Declaration of Independence marks the beginning of Independence day. this document was signed by the Continental Congress. Independence day is an American Holiday and is a big part of our culture.
It is very important to American History, and should celebrated for
a very long time. So, let's start with... Game Number One! Everyone will stand up.
You can sit down if you are lucky. If you answer a question correctly
you may sit down. Also, there are special rules. For example:
If it says, "people next to you"
The people beside you may sit down. If it says "the same row"
Everyone in the row may sit down. Understand? Let's start!
Stand up! What year was America founded? 1776 What is America's capital city? What state is Alex from? Washington DC Person in front of you Person behind you Person to your left Person to your right
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