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Poverty Poem

No description

Jemily Wilmot

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Poverty Poem

Image 2
This Image represents that some people can live in very unhealthy conditions or state which could then follow to sickness.
Image 3
This image represents that there are children out there who don't have a food, water, shelter or hardly any clothing and that these kids are left to defend for themselves
Image 4
Image 1
This image Represents that the smallest amount money can make a big impact on someones life.
Poverty Poem
This image represents that children are trapped in a world they can't get out of where they can't afford to have a fresh start
By Jemily Wilmot
Why Me
What Poetic Techniques did I used
Every day is like a moonless night
My eye sparkle but only with tears
Coats filled with clinking coins and rustling notes
I lay my palm open
But Nothing
Why me

I sit looking at the bakery across the road
I hear the bread singing for me
Hoping for a crumb each day
But I’m still skin and bone
Why me

I sleep on a bed of stones
I breathe in the smoke of despair
The night reflects my shame and pain
I am numb to the bone
And chilled to the stone
Why me

I sit still looking at the shimmering stars
For a glimpse of hope.
As I know tomorrow will be another fight for survival
But I keep asking myself
Why me
What have I done wrong to deserve this?
Why me

Simile: Every day is like a moonless night.
(meaning that it is very dark each day)
Metaphor: I sleep on a bed of stones.
(meaning she doesn't have a bed to sleep on)
Personification: I hear the bread singing for me.
(meaning that she is very hungry)
Alliteration: I sit still and look at the shimmering stars.
(meaning that she looking up at the stars to get away from the world below)
Onomatopoeia: Coats filled with clinking coins and rustling notes.
(meaning that people have a lot money and that they should have a little to spare)
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