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Taoism in American

No description

Dan Valenzuela

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Taoism in American

Taoism in America
Stephen I.
Lindsay H.
Evan D.

American Taoism
Dan V.
Sam T.

History of Taoism in America
American Practice & Change
- Cultural Appropriation

- New Age Movements and psychology

- Spiritual Capitalism

- Perennial Philosophy

- The origins of Taoism in America

- When and Where did Taoism come from

- World Parliament of Religions in Chicago 1893

American Taoist Community
- Ordained Priests & Lineage Successors

- 3 Types of Organization: Literati, Communal and Self-Cultivation

- Master Hsien; Mainland Chinese (Taiwan)

- Priests can be found all over the United States

- Jeffrey Yuen; Chairman of the Eastern United States Taoist Association
Taoism In
Pop Culture
Songs: These are personal interpretations
Hold on Loosely - 38 Special
Dust in the Wind - Kansas
Star Wars
The Force - Cosmic Energy

Rambling Taoist - replace the term "The Force" with the word "Tao" and you will find some similarities

The Tao of Pooh
A book that relates the characters of Winnie the Pooh to Taoism
The Owl
Pooh, or P'U
Avatar: the Last Airbender
Yin and Yang
Taijiquan (Tai-Chi)
Chen family
Zhang the Immortal
Increased popularity
Holistic versus Diagnostic approach
American Chinese Medical Association
National College of Natural Medicine

Origins of Taijiquan
Bringing Traditional Chinese Medicine into U.S. Health Care System
Tàijíquán, Xíngyìquán and Bāguàzhǎng
Louis Komjathy
Feng Shui
The art of placement
Began about 3,000 years ago
Used to find good places for settlements and burial sites
Literal translation means Wind and Water
Schools of Feng Shui
Luan Tou - The Form School
Look at what a site looks like
Original school of feng shui
Li Ch'i - The Compass School
Use a person's birthday
Developed slightly later
Most follow both schools
Masters study for years at each school
Ba Gua
The 8 Trigrams

Five fundamental elements
Natural Vs Synthesized
Local resources
Going with nature
Show phases that symbolize natural world
Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water, Lake,
Mountain, Wind, Thunder; Dao is the
Shows life experiences:
career and journey, knowledge and
self-awareness, helpful people and
travel, family and health, children
and creativity, wealth and prosperity,
fame and reputation, and
relationships and marriage
Coming to America
President Nixon visited China in 1972
Prior to that, feng shui was known
only to Asian immigrants.
Lillian Too made it popular in the early
Black Tantric Buddhist Sect
Helped commercialize it
Master Jeffrey Yuen
Elements of Taoism did not transfer over seas with clarity
Differences in culture and language
Licenses and credentials

Traditional Taoist Food
Neolithic era (c. 8,000 BCE - 2,000 BCE)
Traditionally thought to be based upon the manipulation of qi in the body
Spread to France and Europe 1950
1973 Nixon and Legalization for non doctors
Focus shifted in the United States
Proven benefits
Relieving dental pain,emesis after surgery
of Tai-Chi
Lack of Documentation
Daoism and Martial Arts
in America
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