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Laos...developed or declining?

i like traisn

Tani Afolabi

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Laos...developed or declining?

developing or declining? Laos How do you find out if a
is developed and how developed is Laos? The Lao People's Democratic Republic is a communist country in Asia that's surrounded by Burma, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. They speak Lao, French and English. There are around 6.5 million people living in Laos. They gained independence from France in the 19th of July 1949. Laos is one of Asia's poorest countries, and is one of the least influenced by modern civilization. Agriculture is how Laos gets most of its money. But tourism is also helping them in the 21st century. The country also has a lot of hydro electric power potential because of the Mekong River. Developing? YES
Laos is growing rapidly. These are the countries main statistics We are going to research and find out he different ways to measure a country's development and we are focusing today on Laos By Jakub, Tani and Marc Bibliography Why is Laos an LEDC? Laos is a landlocked country, so most of it's work force are farmers. Laos is also poor because of the several wars it had against France, USA or it's own civil wars. Laos then suffered several coup d'etats. Laos was also part of the war between communist Vietnam against the French and then the Americans which lasted for 21 years. HDI Table (2012) GDP per capita Life Expectancy Adult Literacy Rate Under-5 mortality rate Once the war was over, Laos became a communist country and all medias were controlled by the government, many members of the previous government were incarcerated. Because Laos is a communist country it wasn't able to trade with the USA or Western Europe. But now they are more fortunate and can finally trade with the US or Europe freely. Laos is an LEDC but it's economy is growing rapidly, most of Laos work force (42.6%) are in services, 20.2% of the work force are in industries and 37.4% of them are farmers. 2.5% of the people in age to work are unemployed. The work force in Laos contains 3.69 million people. 26% of Laotians live below the poverty line which is just over 1$ a day. Laos main exports are directed to Thailand 34.8%, China 24.6% and Vietnam with 10.0%. It's main imports come from Thailand 55.9%, China 11.3% and Vietnam with 5.3%. Laos GDP is about 2.700$ (PPP). So this means that Laos is in 10th class of GDP PPP per capita which goes from 2000-2999. But Laos is economically developing and is expected to leave this group of countries to move the next rank in the following ten years. Land use Choummaly Sayasone, the President "Central Intelligence Agency." CIA. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2012.
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