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No description

Boreas van den Broek

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Party

The party costs:
15$ for child
20$ for adult
we are gonna
do bowling
to go out: 2 yero's
on the party is chips,
Coca Cola, french fries, candy, chocolate and Bar Le Duc

Boreas: decorets the casle and food
what we are gonna eat at
the party
Max: drinks

: Will hand out the Bar Le Duc
The party will start on:
9 am.
The party will end:
12 pm in the night.
we go to bowling at 10 am
we go back to the castle 2 pm
The people who helps with are Max and Morena.
drinks cost: 30$
food cost: 50$
decoration cost: 45$
Bowling cost: 250$
Junk food: 25$
what does the things cost?
Total: 400
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