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UNE's Automated Student Wellness Engine

Proactively managing student wellbeing at UNE - presented at the AAIR Data Warehouse, Load Management, DEEWR SIG Forum, Australian National University, 2011

James Cooper

on 22 April 2012

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Transcript of UNE's Automated Student Wellness Engine

Engagement = Loyalty
Automated Student Wellness Engine – Proactively managing student wellbeing at UNE
34 Triggers
Early Alert is more than just AWE...
"when I see how little support friends and family at other universities get.. even studying ON campus... I’m really glad I picked UNE. Thanks!!"
"...thank you for putting this [support system] together and making 2011 one of the most promising starts that I can remember..."
"...I should have utilised this a little more last year when I was struggling... Keep up the good work guys! "
"...it has given me somewhere to go and seek help and advice. You are easily accessible and you come back with advice and help straight away..."
"Thanks again for your help and advice it was much appreciated and you have made me feel welcome and a part of the university even though I study via correspondence."
"It's The Vibe"
Rhonda Leece - UNE
James Cooper - Altis Consulting
Problem: Student Attrition
Solution: Automated Wellness Engine
AUQA Commendation for the use of e-Motion
ALTC Award for Programs that Enhance Learning
ALTC Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
Requests for information
Key messages
Rhonda Leece, University of New England

James Cooper, Altis Consulting
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