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han sai por

No description

michael chang

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of han sai por

AEP 4 SOVA Open House May 22nd
Schedule for the rest of the term

week5: (this week)
week6: Monday (introduction to podcast / return block script)
Wed (field trip to NUS art gallery)
week 7: Monday (no school)
Wed (SOVA, course work)
week 8: Monday (course work)
Wed (SOVA, course work)
week 9: Mondday (course work, podcast assignment due)
Wed (Special SOVA on France and England) Hans Arp Henry Moore biomorphic?
"we do not seek to imitate nature...
we want to create, as the plant creates its fruits,
and not to imitate"
"I am deeply interested in the human figure.
but i have discovered laws of form and rhythm in studying natural forms such as pebbles, rock, and bones, trees, and plants" Sigur Ros "...the building plan of nature, this
vital engery, is all-pervading energy,
tantamount to the flow of life and
intuition against rigid deformation of reason and the inflexible mimesis of the world" Artist looking at "Growth"
as inspiration...natural way of
progress, change, and morphing... Arp says,
"what extraodrinary richness there is in simplicity.
Germination, budding and blossoming, growth and anoranic
stones and smooth bronze are vitalized as though from within,
the skin pulsates like a membrane moved by inner forces, juices and
rhythms, full and rounded fingered..."
Han Sai Por 20 Tonnes, 2002 Seeds 2006 Growth , 1985 When I am working in stone, the immediate contact is physical, the force of hammering chiseling and drilling hard stone creates heat and energy. The reaction of the particles causes sparks and waves of sound. The appearance of the stone is the result, the consequence of physical reaction. Understanding the character of nature through the physical contact has been part of my sculpture Seeds series
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