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"non-places" Marc Auge

No description

Despoina Stefanidou

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of "non-places" Marc Auge

the near and the elsewhere
First observation : anthropological research and the question of the other
other : we, other of others, ethnic and cultural other, social other
Second observation: contemporary world, a reflection on the category of otherness
time: perception, use, way
space: change scales and ways observing and interpret space
ego: "art of doing", "ordinary man", "alienated man",
"homogenization of culture"

"world culture"
Place organization
the way the place is organized gives the appearance of a second nature
Indigenous inhabitants
a world in which everything there is to know about is already known
Spatial arrangements
expresses the group's identity
the notion of localized society
Place : never completely erased
defined as relational, historical, with identity
human relations
anthropological places: organized society
individuals identities
local references
unformulated rules
Non-place : never totally completed
no reference , no identity
transit points and temporary abodes(luxurious and human conditioned)
dense network of means of transport
communicates wordlessly
measure of time
instructions of use -controlled conditions - texts
Place and Space
place: frequent place, an intersection of moving bodies, established and symbolized sense, anthropological place, with history
space: more abstract term, area, distance between things or points, temporal expanse, "advertising space" - buy space
"non-places" Marc Auge

Anthropological place
From places to non-places
a foreign lost in a city feel like home in motorways, big stores, hotel chains
two realities: space formed in relation to certain ends and space formed in relation between individuals and space
solitary contractual
words and texts the link of interaction between individuals and surroundings
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