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Circles Concept Map

Justine Baker Period 5

Justine Baker

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Circles Concept Map

Circle Concept Map Circles Basic Parts of a Circle Types of Angles in a Circle Pi Formulas Other All Circles are Similar h Central Angles Circles are round Centroids Proof Justine Baker
Period 5 Radius Diameter Chord Tangent Secant Inscribed Angles Created by the angle of two radiuses in a circle Center Made with two chords or two secants in a circle Equal to half of the central angle it shares an arc with Equal to twice the amount of the inscribed angle it shares an arc with Formula for Circumference Sector Area Formula The area between two radii and the arc. A line that passes through a circle at two points. A line that passes through a circle at one point. A line segment that begin from the centre and touches any point on the circle. Point in exact middle where all other points are equidistant away from. Must pass through the centre of the circle. The Diameter is equal to twice the radius. The chord joins any two points on a circle. Arcs Sections of the circumference Equal to half of the inscribed angle it is related to or the same as the central angle it is related to Constructions of a Circle Circumscribed Constructions When an object's points all rest on the circle that surrounds it. Inscribed Construction To draw a circle within a polygon where the enclosed circle touches the outer figure. Tangent Construction When a tangent is created on a circle. Given a circle of radius r and a second circle of radius R
Dilate with a scale factor of k= R/r
The circles will map onto eachother by a dilation
All circles are similar When bisected, it has a 90 degree angle with the center. Relationship with the Diameter Pi is used to calculate the circumference of a circle along with the diameter. Relationship with the Radius Pi is used to calculate the area and circumference with the radius. Circumcenter The center of the circle that is circumscribed around the polygon. Incenter The center of the circle inside the polygon. The intersection of all straight lines that divide X.

Theorem=2[4r/3(pi)] Orthocenter The intersection of three altitudes. Radians A pure measure based on the radius of a circle.

1 Radian is equal to about 57.2958 degrees. Unit Circle When a circle has the radius of 1. The 9-Point Circle A circle that can come from any triangle that has nine points coming from:

The midpoint of each side
The foot of each altitude
The midpoint of the line segment from each vertex of the triangle and the orthocenter
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