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A Tale of Two Cities

No description

Jan Nichols

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities
By Charles Dickens (retold by Lucinda Dickens Hawksley)

Lucinda Dickens Hawksley
: 1789 (French Revolution)

: France and England

: resurrection, bringing people back to life from the seemingly impossible times

; Dr. Manette is released from prison in France after have been falsely arrested for almost two decades. Lucie unknowingly marries an aristocrat by the name of Charles Darnay. Charles decides to return to France to save an old steward of his family's lands who was imprisoned for helping the aristocracy. Charles gets arrested as an emigrant and an aristocrat. Doctor Manette frees him. Later the court gets a letter saying that his father was the one that put Dr. Manette in jail in the first place. Charles is immediately sentenced to death. To prove himself a hero Sydney Carton comes up with a plan to save Charles.

: It was a warning to the upper class that working- class people might one day fight back, and that Britain was in danger of falling into revolution
Things That Influenced The Novel
French Revolution
Poverty in France that led to the revolution
Problems of 19th-century Britain
Historical Events of the Time
- Louis, Prince of France, married Princess Marie- Antonette of Austria

- Louis XVI is crowned king of France

- The harvest in France failed leading to the "great fear"

July 14, 1789
- the people of Paris storm the Bastille prison, and destroy it which spread a revolution

October 5, 1789
-the king is forced to sign a Declaration of Rights, reducing his powers

June 20, 1791
- The king tries to escape from Paris, but fails

- A new constitution gives France a democratic system of government
Charles Dickens
Great-Great-Great Granddaughter of Charles
Created a museum in his memory
Was born exactly 100 years after Charles
Born February 7, 1812, in Portsmouth
At twelve he was made to quit school and find a job and a place to live because his family went to prison
writes about the horrors of poverty
Started off reporting on court cases
Was the most successful of the Dickens children
Famous Works
Oliver Twist
Nicholas Nickelby
The Olde Curiosity Shop
A Christmas Carol
David Copperfield
Great Expectations

Character List
Dr. Alexandre Manette
- A french doctor jailed for 18 years in Bastille. Father of Lucie
Lucie Manette/ Darnay
- Daughter of Dr. Manette. She marries Charles Darnay
Charles Saint Evremonde/ Darnay
- nephew of the Marquis Saint Evremonde and husband of lucie. He changes his name to Darnay when he renounces his family
Little Lucie
- Charles and lucies daughter
Miss Pross
- Lucie's former nurse, now her companion
Soloman Pross/ John Barsad
- Miss Pross's younger brother. He calls himself John Barsad when working as an English spy
Roger Cly
- an English spy
Jarvis Lorry
- An employee of Tellson's Bank and a friend of the Manettes
Jerry Cruncher
- A porter at Tellson's Bank. He sometimes works as a "rusurrection man", stealing dead bodies for surgeons
Young Jerry
- Jerry Cruncher's son
C.J. Styver
- An English lawyer who defends Charles when he is tried at the Old Bailey
Sydney Carton
- Styver's assistant
Marquis Saint Evremonde
- A french aristocrat and Charles's uncle
Ernest Defarge
- A former servant of Dr. Manette, now a wineshop owner. A leading Revolutionary
Madame Therese Defarge
- Defarge's wife an important Revolutionary
The Vegeance
- A Revolutionary friend of Madame Defarge
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