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Studio Research Plan

No description

Elvis Richardson

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Studio Research Plan

Experimentation Experiments are things you try out in your studio practice based on research as well as intuition.

ie. drawing mediums create different effects - identify the effect/affect you hope to achieve and what drawing mediums or materials you will experiment with.

ie. Your design brief for a new clothing label is aimed at a young men and women for casual and work wear - a variety of colour schemes will be explored that reflect, the nature of the urban, connected, and mobile target audience. What is a Studio Research Project A studio research project proposal begins with addressing your chosen medium or materials.

Describe why you chose this medium and how it is appropriate to expressing your larger idea.

Your proposal should identify other practitioners in your focus area who are of particular influence in both material process and presentation.

eg. I plan to do a series of drawings that investigates self-portraiture in contemporary online image economies of Facebook and YouTube etc.

For Designers a portfolio of numerous self designed briefs will be required - ie. a visual identity for a new clothing business including logo, business cards and letter heads.

ps. Keep a visual diary/journal to assist with reflection at the end of semester A Studio Research Plan 1.Devise a suitably ambitious and focused studio research project

2. Develop appropriate experimental and analytical methodologies

3. Present a coherent body of studio work for assessments

4. Demonstrate advanced skills and technical expertise with materials and process

5. Reflect critically on your own work and the work of others

6. Evaluate the key concerns, developmental processes, contextual framework and outcomes of a studio-based research project Time Line Resources required Identify what resources you need to achieve your proposal - do you need studio space and how and where will you establish that?

Do you need special cameras, skills like welding or ceramics - what is available here at ACU what do you need from out side of ACU?

Do you have access to the software needed?

What skills do you need to learn? (studio lighting a portrait photograph) Bibliography Your bibliography should include - references to books about individual artists/designers or curated exhibitions or design projects .

Your bibliography should also incorporate some philosophy or theory into what you are thinking about - the 'subject' of your project.

ie. I will examine through a series of photographic portraits modes of identity for those labelled as GEN Y - where I hope to question the validity of generational labels. Art / Design? Studio Research Plan A week by week timeline for this whole semester.

Include what you plan to have achieved by the date of your scheduled crit session for assessment 2. Portfolio Visual Identity, Magazine page layouts, Packaging, Website Design Raquel Ormella
image object and text Andy Warhol
the portrait and working in series Mikala Dwyer
conceptual formalism Robert Longo
drawing A finished piece of work or series of work
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