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Family Life Education

No description

Cecily Johnson

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Family Life Education

Divorce Mediation
Family Life Education
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There are so many different career options out there for DFST students!
The key to being a good professional in this field is to have strong nuturing skills, interpersonal skills, empathy, and human relatedness.
You need to want to make a difference! It's very possible that your career will not have a high salary, so your reward is feeling like you have made a difference in the world, and not a huge paycheck!!
Game time!
Oh the wonderful places you'll go!
Carreer opportunities in counseling in development and family studies...
"Families are vital building blocks to a stable, well functioning society"
We will show different careers you can get with a
DFST degree.
It's your job to brain storm and think of
why the job is related to DFST,
What skills you might need for it, the salary, and so on.
If you are correct you'll recieve a prize!
-Family life educators work with the entire lifespan, from cradle to grave. This is important because all memebers of a family, young or old, are crucial to family functioning.

-Teaching society how to successfully function in a family helps set the stage for the next generation. The next generation will be able to spread their wings and fly without complication because they were parented well.

"The greatest gift we can give to the world is creating a continuous, uninterrupted, loving family structure."
-Aldona Laita

The ABC's of a successful family life educator

Helping Professions in the
Medical Community
Family Intervention
Family Intervention
How to get involved on as a student?
-The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) Is a great organization to join. It helps you learn what is currently going on in the DFST world and helps you network with other students and professionals.
-LIFE-Leaders in Family Education is a Student Organization of Undergrad and Graduate Students whose sole goal is to drive a new era of educators in the field of Family Education.

Sexuality Education
How does DFST play a role in this?
What skills would you need? (Degree/ certification?)
How does this job help families/why is it important?
What is the salary?
Communities in Schools
Through (school-based coordination or a school-based coordinator), Communities In Schools connects students and their families to critical community resources tailored to local needs.
-The mission of Communities In Schools of North Texas is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Bachelor degrees are needed. Masters are prefered.
Salary: Unable to find.
Personalty traits: Friendly, assertive, supportive, caring, organized, and works well with others.

This is my dream job.

-Interpersonal skills are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups.
-Empathy is feeling what someone else feels. Putting yourself in their shoes.


CFLE in Context: Family Life Education: The Launching Platform to the Helping Professions
~Journal article

~ salary calculator and online resources

Landreth, G.(2012). Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship
~ In Play Therapy Children Learn

Career Opportunities for Development and Family Studies Graduates with a Bachelor of Science Degree
~ handout we got in class

Attitude and Attributes:
Respect and care for people within a broad based background of human development and family dynamics.

Builders of relationships:
Find a niche in all of life's developmental stages, in sickness and in health.

Caring and Creative Communicators:
Making a difference in a diverse range of contexts by being ethical and using learned skills.
How many parents actually know about programs that can help them?
What if they are too busy to attend?
What exactly is the difference between DFST and social work?
Why aren't these qualities and skills discussed in all degrees? Doesn't everyone technically need these life skills (for how to work with diverse people in diverse settings)?
Questions from the discussion board
How does this job help families/why is it important?
What skills would you need? (Degree/ certification?)
How does DFST play a role in this?
Who is the boss!!
How should we comuncate in our own family.
Play Therapy
Family Counseling
Physical Therapy &
Occupational Therapy
Hospice / Grief Counseling
Trauma Counseling
Returning Veterans / reintegration into family life
Coping wiht disabilities
Exceptional children
Natural disaster
Domestic violence
Terminal disease
Loss of child
Loss of parent/s
Equine therapy
Therapy animals
Child directed
Building self-confidence through self-direction
Filial Therapy
Enhancing parent/child relationships
Art Therapy
Vast number of techniques
(ie. miracle question and primal therapy)
Co-Parenting, Divorce, Family structures
Interventions and mediations
I think my child needs mental health services.who should I call ??
My child is skipping school and not getting home in time. who should I call?!
I'm a single parent and my child is drinking alchol. who should I call !!
Drug and alchol prevention services


Child Life Specialist

Respiratory Therapist

Lactation Consultant
What does it take to become a...
How much money could I earn if I become a...
What about a...

All applicants to the position of the program should have earned a law degree or a master's degree .
Such as psychology, social work, counseling,
and marriage and family therapy, or child and family development).

However, all students are expected to
complete the core courses in addition to 10
credit hours selected from among several disciplines related to divorce mediation.
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