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MC Capstone 2012

My capstone presentation for my MSED in Special Education at Plattsburgh State University College

Marcine Colón

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of MC Capstone 2012

My professional development in the Special Education MSED program at SUNY Plattsburgh To Infinity Leadership and Policy Program Development & Organization Research & Inquiry Student & Program Evaluation Professional Development and Ethical Practice Collaboration Created a document to inform and advocate for students and their families
Became familiar with Special Education laws and policies
Recognized parent rights in Special Education
Recognized my role as a resource for others who advocate for student's rights Special Education Law Resources What I Learned: Developmental Disabilities Resource Guide What I Learned: Collected resources for information, advocacy, and services for students with developmental disabilities and their families
Collected instructional techniques for my disposal
Collected and synthesized resources into usable documents in order to inform instruction By Marcine A. Colon Unit Plan What I Learned Applied accommodations and instructional strategies to specially design instruction and allow students with ELN to have access to the material
Applied elements of explicit instruction
Used the Unit Mapping template and structuring instruction with Guiding Questions and Essential Understandings
Set student goals and expectations which aligned with the Common Core State Standards
Applied summative assessment techniques Individualized Reading Plan What I Learned: Developed an individual plan for a student based on data obtained from evaluation
Set specific, measurable goals and objectives based on baseline information
Developed activities which were developmentally appropriate, engaging, and cost efficient Instructional Practice Poster What I Learned: Evaluated the effectiveness of a common instructional practice based on research/ evidence
Utilized the Teaching Standards to evaluate
Evaluated the appropriateness of its use for Students with ELN Behavior Action Project What I Learned: Performed data collection procedures
Developed an intervention plan to modify problem behavior
Evaluated progress and and analyzing data in order to determine the effectiveness of intervention IEP What I Learned: Interpreted assessment results
Described the student's present level of educational performance (PLEP)
Aligned PLEP with appropriate goals with measurable criteria
Indicated method of measuring progress in order to ensure educational benefit Literacy Assessment What I Learned: Chose a testing instrument in order to obtain diagnostic information
Administered testing procedures
Analyzed and interpreted assessment data to monitor student progress and plan for differentiated instruction
Improved reliability of the assessment by using techniques such as recording on a tape recorder
Reflected upon the effectiveness of the assessment Research Paper: Overrepresentation of Minority Students in Special Education What I Learned: Recognized my ethical obligation to be non-biased and aware of cultural differences when making educational decisions
Recognized the unique perspective of students who are racially ethnically and linguistically diverse
Reflected on the disproportionality of minority students in SE and lack of accuracy in the evaluation process Research Paper: Reading Fluency What I Learned: Strengthened my foundation in teaching literacy
Strengthened my understanding of language and the reading process
Researched scientific articles on fluency and gained current, evidence-based knowledge of fluency instruction Student Teaching Final Evaluation What I Learned: Collaborated with colleagues within the school to develop and sustain a common culture
Collaborated with paraprofessionals within the classroom
Developed a rapport with a cooperating teacher which allows for self-reflection and consultation
Exhibited flexibility and a willingness to become involved
Observed parent-teacher conferences
The Power of Two Workshop What I Learned: Examined different co-teaching approaches and their advantages and disadvantages
Discovered the benefits of team teaching
Emphasized the distinction between co-teaching and paraprofessional support
Recognized the benefits of sharing fundamental beliefs with co-teacher
Recognized the benefits of having a good attitude, sense of humor, and willingness to let go of control Goals For Future Development Knowledge of the age group and selecting developmentally appropriate materials
Become involved with school and community
Create a respectful, safe and supportive learning environment
Recognize student motivators to engage students
Gain knowledge of specific disabilities
Attend training in assistive technology `1
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