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Cellie Cancer Coping Kit

The Cellie Kit is for kids age 6 - 12 to help cope with the emotional aspects of cancer diagnosis and treament.

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Transcript of Cellie Cancer Coping Kit

Hi! Let's learn about Cellie and the Cancer Coping Kit! Use the grey arrows at the bottom to get started! Here's what you'll find in the Cellie Cancer Coping Kit: Cellie, the Cancer Coping Cards and a book for your parents to read. Make sure your parents look through the book. It will teach them good stuff about how to use Cellie and the rest of the kit. Other kids with cancer and their families have told us what is hard about cancer, and tips for dealing with it. We put these tips on a deck of cards. On the cards you'll find more than 100 ways to deal with tough cancer stuff and other things that might be on your mind. Here's how to use the Cellie Cancer Coping Kit. First, find the Cancer Coping Cards that match what's bugging you. Once you've found the cards you need, read the tips describing what you can do to feel better about the things bothering you. Practice using the tips on the cards. Try out more than one tip! Everyone is different, and you may find some tips work better for you than others! If you want, open Cellie's mouth and zip the cards you think you'll need for the day inside. That way, the cards will be easy to find when you want to read them again! You can read the cards on your own or sort through them with your mom, dad, sister, brother, doctor, nurse…even your dog if he's the best listener! Going to the hospital? To school? Your aunt's house? Pack your Cellie backpack and take the whole Cellie Cancer Coping Kit along with you! Cancer can be very tough. Using the Cellie Coping Kit can help you feel a little bit better! http://www.chop.edu/service/oncology/resources-for-families-of-children-with-cancer/contact-cellie.html
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