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No description

Hannah Bone

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Discrimination

Discrimination.. what is discrimination? "Discrimination is and assault
on the very notion of human rights.
Discrimination is the systematic denial
of certain peoples groups' full human
rights because of who the are or
what they believe. It is all too
easy to deny a a person's human
right's if you consider them as
"less than human."

Amnesty International Discrimination is when someone
is unfairly treated because of their; Examples


Discrimination.. Example A woman who was deaf and
blind booked a taxi. When the
taxi arrived the driver asked her to pay the fare in advance because he thinks because of her disability she is less likely to pay. This is something that he would not ask any other passengers to do. Example Mr X, a white business owner
hires a black person as a clerical
assistant, he is told by his white
customers that unless he gets rid
of his black worker they will withdraw their custom. Mr X
gets rid of his black worker to
save his business. Mr X is liable under the law because he got rid of a black worker due to his colour STOP DISCRIMINATION! Some ways to help stop discrimination yourself: - make sure YOU don't discriminate- discrimination is harmful to others and is not necessary - make sure if your friends or family discriminate tell them
to stop because discrimination is not okay - is you see someone discriminating someone else, tell
them to stop and stick up for the person who is being discriminated race, colour, nationality
religion, religious beliefs
sex (gender)
personal taste (e.g. clothes, bags, hairstyle) Ways to discriminate include: - excluding others
- separate bathrooms,different drinking fountains etc.
-certain privileges
- direct verbal/physical abuse
- anonymous bullying Example Sometimes people discriminate because
of stereotypes. Stereotyping is where you treat someone unfairly just because of something the do, e.g because he has a pink bag, he is gay. This is something that happens a lot. People judge other people on what they wear or how they talk for example if a guy is wearing feminine clothing or has a feminine voice they automatically assume that they are gay. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/3252547/discrimination/ Click on the link below to view the video Here is a short video about discrimination Hope you enjoyed my presentation and I hope you learnt more about discrimination and how it can affect others. Discrimination is very serious and if you are in a situation where you are being discriminated you should go to the police. Thank You!
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