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Energy: Renewable and Non Renewable Resources

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Stephanie Gezequel

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Energy: Renewable and Non Renewable Resources

By Stephanie Gezequel Energy: Non Renewable &
Renewable Resources Non Renewable Energy Coal Solar Energy Hydro-Electric Power THE END Natural Gas Like natural gas, coal is made of the remains of decomposed plants that have become fossilized over time and can be found in coal beds or seams.

Coal is also burned to release its stored energy and for a while was one of the nations main energy sources. Hydro-electric power can be found in many places where there is a substantial amount of water where the turbines can spin and generate electricity . Solar energy is literally found everywhere, however places closer to the equator get more of this energy.

The energy collected from the sun's rays is turned into electricity and is then used to power things. Natural gasses are formed from decomposed fossilized remains released in the form of a gas and can be found in many places around the world.

Natural gasses are burned to produce energy and are the most environmentally clean of all the fossil fuels. Advantages 1.Currently Abundant
2.Cleanest of the fossil fuels
3.Can diminish atmospheric pollutants Disadvantages 1.It is non renewable
2.Costs a lot to build the pipelines necessary to transport them
3.Explosive Renewable Energy Advantages 1.Easily distributed
2.Least expensive fossil fuel to obtain
3.Easily combustible & burns at low temperatures Disadvantages 1.Releases the lowest amount of energy compared to other fossil fuels
2.Coal dust is extremely explosive
3.Fumes released increase the rate of global warming Advantages 1.Renewable
2.Will be around for years to come
3.No pollution Disadvantages 1.Solar panels are very expensive
2.Panels take up a lot of space
3.Only works when the sun is out Advantages 1.No pollution
3.Can be used throughout the world Disadvantages 1.Impacts the mobility of fish & other water life
2.Very expensive
3.Depends on the amount of precipitation
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