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Anna Ding

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of PRINCESS

"My young world was transformed by Sara's wedding, attempted suicide, and divorce. Fresh thoughts and ideas began to grow in my mind. I was never to think as a child again"(page 43)
"Looking back over their shoulders in dismay, they ran from the room when I neighed like a horse"(page 112)
Before Marriage
Point of View
by Jean Sasson

Quester: Sultana
Place to go: A place where all Saudi women have freedom
Stated reason to go: To break free from the restraints of her culture
Challenges & Trials:
Sara's marriage and result
Koran's verse against women's right
Punishments - Drowning, Stoning, Women's Room

Real Reason to go: Sultana found out that if the actions taken does not change the people around you there is no way it will change society
Married Life
"I screamed and clung to Mother until she relented and allowed me to go"(page 10)
"I saw he laid the Rolex on the table. I took a rock and smashed it to pieces. Ali was greatly scolded, but given a new one within a week"(page 24)
"He said I would be allowed to continue my education once we returned to Riyadh. Irritated, at his tone of permission, I told him I was not aware that my education was up for discussion"(page 132)
"The nervous tension of the staff inflated the mood of the room[... The doctor's] reward would be great if a male appeared, if a female was born, there would be great disappointment"(page 158)
Author Jean Sasson vs. Sultana
Better Understanding of Story

Takes Audience on a Journey
Explicit Quotes
"I, for the first time in my young life, comprehended the impenetrable task facing those of our sex. I knew my goal of female equality was hopeless . . . we women are vassals, and the walls of our prisons are inescapable, for this grotesque disease lives . . . generation to generation - a deadly, incurable disease whose host is male and victum is female," (104).
"The eyes of the stalwart British nurse were wet with tears. She sniffled and asked why I, a princess, did not intervene in such maddness. I told her that I could not help the one condemned; women are not allowed a voice in my land, not even women of the Royal Family," (170).
"I was grasping for easement when I realized that the nightmare was real; there would be no relief to those who knew Sameera and the fact that she now suffered helplessly in total captivity and isolation. The neverending question ran through my mind: What power on earth could release her? As I stared up at the desert night sky sparkling with stars, I had to conclude there was none," (195).
Implicit Quotes
"One afternoon we were pushing Basem, which means "smiling face" in Arabic, in a carriage. Ali happened to walk by with his friends. Sensing his friends' excitement over our puppy, Ali decided the puppy should be his. My sisters and I screamed and fought when he tried to take Basem from our arms. Our father heard the commotion and came from his study. When Ali told him that he wanted the puppy, our father instructed us to hand him over" (26).
"'Sultana, I am a man that can afford many children. I desire ten, twenty, as many as God sees fit to give me.'...I held my breath in fear. 'Sultana, I am going to wed another.' ...The depth of my pain could not be expressed in words. I needed to hear Kareem beg for my mercy as I clawed his face and kicked his groin and tried desperately to kill the man who was my husband" (201).
"I could only wait for time to erase the bad memories of his behavior. I had undergone a transition in the fight to save my marriage from the alien presence of another woman. Kareem had been the supreme figure in my life until he weakened our union with talk of wedding another. A substantial part of our love was destroyed. Now he was simply the father of my children and little more" (217).
Chronological Order
“As punishment, Ali was given all my toys. To teach me that men were my masters, my father decreed that Ali would have the exclusive right to fill my plate at mealtimes.” (page 10)

“I thought of Nadia and imagined her bound in heavy chains, dark hood gathered around her head, hands lifting her from the ground and lowering her into the blue-green waters of her family swimming pool. I closed my eyes and felt her body thrashing, her mouth gasping for air, lungs screaming for relief from the rushing water.” (page 85)

Time Period
Took place in 20th century

“Unfortunately, the pace of social change for women remains glacial. While this means that the story of Princess Sultana remains timeless, because so much of ordinary life for women remains as it was in 1992 when this story broke upon the world stage, we are both immensely saddened by the heartbreaking stories that still occur in Saudi Arabia.” (page 1)

“No Saudi I know has ever shown the slightest interest in a servant’s life: the number of family members, their dreams and aspirations. People from the Third World were there to serve us wealthy Saudis, nothing more.” (page 93)
Works Cited
Sasson, Jean.
. Georgia: The Sasson Corporation, 2012. Print.
Princess Crown. Digital image. Web.
"As an result from the apple incident I first became aware tat I was a female who was shackled by males unburdened with consciences; I saw the broken spirits of my mother and sisters, but I remained faithful to optimism and never doubted that I would one day triumph and my pains would be compensated by true justice"(10).
Full transcript