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The Amazing Ellis Island

No description

Opal S

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of The Amazing Ellis Island

People where very exicited because it was a new expience for imigrants to go to America, they were also relived because of being there after a 10-14 day trip on a boat. Another word to discribe the emotion is that they were exosted to be on the boat for more than 1 week. JG
Ellis Island has really impacted the worls, if you visit it,it's like taking a walk throught all of American history, ithout immagration America would e far behind from what it is today! OS
Ellis Island was built by Richard Morris Hunt, He built it so immigration would be easier. It was founded in 1892. Ellis Island was a giant immigration center that processed millions of immigrants each year. It closed November 12,1994 because there was not enough immagration to keep the office running. Now you can visit the Island .
Fun Facts
Around 12 million immigrants where processed through Ellis Island in the time it was open! Because of the long lines, it took hours to get through! OS
People have to answer 29 questions if they want to move on to America. If you fail you have to get a full exam and if you fail the full exam you have to get put in a diffrrent kind of hospital. JG
During this time people were trying to flee their country and build themselves a better life. All these people were flooding to Ellis Island so, the immigration center in Ellis Island was quickly famous. Ellis Island and Angel islands were used to process immigrants. People from all over flooded to Ellis Island.
In November 12, 1994 Ellis land Closed. You can still visit Ellis Island but you can't Immigrate from it any more.
Ellis Island (Building)
First aid
Ellis Island was founded by Richard Morris Hunt in 1892. The news spread quickly that there was a new immigration center with no king to tell them what to do! OP
They did not have planes
Next the large immigration wave came and people flooded Ellis Island Coming from all over to escape there country. Immigration Process to move so you didn't have to pay to do it.
It was called Gibbet Island in early 18th century after a group of pirates that were hung from gibbets there. AL
Did you know that Ellis Island is in New York? The Part of New York is the New York Bay. Ellis Island is an Island on the New York Bay. The Hudson River is on the shoulder of the New York Bay. JG
The Amazing Ellis Island
Inside of Immigration Building
Wait:7 hours
Population went up by millions!
The amazing Ellis Island was made for people who were coming from a different country to go to the US to start a new life. The people hoped that the US would be better than the country that they left. They didn't want to stay in their country was because of war, drought famine, and religious prosecution. Since people came to the US, it impacted the US by enlarging the population by millions (about 12 million)! Ellis Island was considered a office because people worked there to process immigrants.
In the 19th and 20th centuries, Ellis Island was known as the office for immagrants to check in with the Workers to make sure they can go to live in America. It becomes the iconic landmark in the US. Ellis Islands address is NY 07305. Ellis Island was a very important place in 1892-1954 because it was used for traveling to America and to have a better life. Now if you want to travel to America you do not have to go Ellis Island.If you are at Ellis Island you are mostly a Tourist at a Tourist Attraction. JG
Ellis Island
By: Jada, Autumn, Opal
Some Cool Facts...
(1) In 1954 the last immigrants passed through Ellis Island (2) The first person to pass through Ellis Island was a young Irish woman (3)Before Ellis Island became a immigration facility it housed military weapons and ammunition.
Richard Morris Hunt
Watch This Cool Video About Ellis Island!
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