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Canadian Confrederation: New Brunswick

this is a presentation based on the decision of joining the Canadian Confederation

Aleena Ahmed

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Canadian Confrederation: New Brunswick

New Brunswick Canadian Confederation 1867 Canadian Confederation in 1867 Final Decision Advantages of joining Confederation - Disadvantages of joining Confederation New Brunswick has agreed to join the Confederation
of 1867. Are reasons to support our decision is:

Increase Trade-Increases the economy
Help with defense against Fenian
Increases population- more jobs
More jobs helps the industrialization
Railway will help transport lumber and other products Main needs and concerns: Economic Defense Low population Build Railway Better for inter-colonial trade. Increase trade protection from the fenians
greater defense against attacks increase trade with tariffs
extra money from trade helps industry of agriculture
Increases Economy No guarantee of being built
Monthly cost
Money going to waste The government will make more money on the taxes
More job opportunities helps, with industrialization
getting money from government ( subsidy )
subsidy depends on the population increasing the trade of becoming a union Railway Defense Low population Advantages of joining confederation No guarantee that protection will be provided
(No Disadvantage) Increase Trade- Increase Economy Fenians/Defense
Increase Trade Thank You! Economic NO disadvantage
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