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Things to do at CA World' 14

I'm a CA Spectrum user... what should I sign up for a CA World '14?

Rachel Macik

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Things to do at CA World' 14

Important Information
- This is where you register
- This is what people wear
- This is how much fun you'll have
- This is how much smarter you'll be
Arrive before Sunday
CA Spectrum will be featured in the Service Operations Insight Pre-Education course.
Courses are still being added, check back often.


Grab your coffee and head over to the Keynote Session held by Mike, Jennifer, Biz, and Jason.
Opscenter Keynote: Assuring the Delivery of Business Transactions and Services

Monday 9:00am
Take a break!
Monday 4:30 pm
Magic Johnson speaks followed by the CA World ReWrite Welcome Reception
Tuesday 1:00 pm
This one will be posted in the Session Catalog soon!

Customer Case Study: Integrating Systems Management from CA Nimsoft Monitor with CA Spectrum as Part of an Enterprise Command Center Strategy
After the customer Case study, follow us back to the Opscenter for some 1:1 time with our speaker. He and other CA Spectrum experts will be available for your questions.
Tuesday 3:00 pm
Join us for the Q & A session directly following the Infrastructure Management Roadmap session
Meet us in the Opscenter for this Demo to Prepare for “Hands-On Lab: Take a Deep Dive with Experts Who Have Integrated CA Nimsoft Monitor and CA Spectrum”
Wednesday 10:00 am
Hands-On Lab: Take a Deep Dive with Experts Who Have Integrated CA Nimsoft Monitor and CA Spectrum
Hands-On Lab: Discover Newly Available Features with CA Spectrum
Wednesday 9:00 am
Tuesday 9:00 am
Tuesday starts with the Technology Keynote presented by Amit Chatterjee EVP, Enterprise Solutions and Technology
Tuesday 6:30 pm
Double-platinum selling band, The Fray, will headlines the CA World Event Night.
Monday 1:00 pm
Winning in the High Stakes Game of 21st Century IT Operations

Presented by John Smith (General Manager, CA Technologies) in the Opscenter

Learn more about the Keynote sessions here:

Monday 11:00am
Lunch is served from 12-1 Monday & Tuesday
Visit the CA Spectrum Lab demo station in the Opscenter. This session is a prerequisite for Hands-On Lab: Discover Newly Available Features with CA Spectrum

Monday 2:00 pm
CA Spectrum users at all levels are welcome to join this session. This hands-on lab gives CA Spectrum users a glance at the newest features, including CA Nimsoft integration, support for LACP and impact dashboards, and more. Learn how you can take advantage of these features in your own environment.
Monday 6:00 pm
Join us for the ReWrite Welcome Reception and hang out with your fellow CA Spectrum users and Opscenter attendees...
Tuesday 11:00 am
Don't Put Your Firm's Success at Risk - Adopt a Modern Monitoring Approach

Presented by John Rakowski, Analyst & Advisor, Infrastructure & Operations Management, Forrester Research

Tuesday 2:00 pm
Infrastructure Management Roadmap, featuring CA Capacity Management, CA Data Center Infrastructure Management, CA eHealth, CA Performance Management, CA Spectrum
Take a break!
Wednesday 11:00 am
Infrastructure Management roadmap specifically about the role of CA Spectrum in this Evolution of CA Unified Infrastructure Management
Looking forward to seeing you at the show!
Once you've registered for the event, build your agenda online to save your seat for these sessions. http://www.ca.com/us/caworld.aspx

If you have questions in the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out to your on-sight CA Spectrum Team. We're looking forward to seeing you at the show!

James Harvey
John Smith
Cameron Van Orman
Ram Varadarajan
Schedule a meeting with your favorite Product manager
Walk around the show floor to learn about the other centers
Collect giveaways for your children
Eat snacks
Monday 3:00 pm
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