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7 tiers of disaster recovery

7 tiers of disaster recovery

Neil Griffiths

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of 7 tiers of disaster recovery

7 tiers of disaster recovery
Tier 0
No data or system backup. Disaster recovery has not been considered.
Tier 2
Data is backed up and taken to another site (physically) where is can be restored. This site is known as a "hot site" where data can be accessed in the event of a disaster.
Tier 3
This tier builds upon tier 2. Backups are taken electronically and transmitted to a hot site. Typically they will be transmitted through a secure internet connection or VPN. These electronic backups will be more up to date than tapes.
7 Tiers

0 No data backup
1 Data backup with no hot site
2 Data backup with hot site
3 Electronic transmission to hot site
4 Snap shot copies to hot site
5 Critical data synchronised to hot site
6 Data mirrored to hot site with fast recovery
7. Hot site becomes real time duplicate
Tier 1
Backups are taken and transported off site. (not to a hot site)
Backups are physically transported to another location and there will be a time delay in retrieving backups.
Tier 4
Point in time or snapshot copies are taken and electronically transmitted to the hot site. These snapshots my take place every few hours and therefore a number of backups may exist for each day.
Tier 5
Critical data is kept synchronised between the business and the hot site. there will be no data loss in the event of a disaster to critical systems.
This is sometimes known as transactional integrity.
Tier 6
Data is mirrored in real time to the hot site.
This hot site can become active very quickly as restoration times for data will be fast.
Tier 7
Building on Tier 6 with the addition that restores are automatic - the hot site is a duplicate to the business site at all time.
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