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Korus V600 & V400

No description

Tej Jordan

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Korus V600 & V400

Korus Design
KORUS V400 & V600
Patented SKAA® technology is built into each Korus speaker. It has an incredibly low latency so your sound stays dead-on in sync with your movies, videos, and games so you hear every word, note, and sound effects exactly when you're supposed to.
Korus Features & Specs
The Set Up
The Korus Sound
Should You Buy Korus?
Premium Wireless Home Speakers
The V400 is 11in x 6in x 5.5in and weighs 4.4lbs making it ideal to fit almost anywhere. The V600 is larger at 17in x 9in x 7in weighs 11 pounds and allows you to switch to battery power making it ideally more portable than the V400.

The V400 and V600 look identical. The only visual difference is the size
- WideStage™ Acoustic Signature
- Side firing tweeters for extra-wide soundstage
- Low distortion, deep bass response
- Integrated handle for easy portability
- Plug in or use anywhere with up to 90 hours2 of continuous audio playback on 6"D" batteries (not included)
- Wireless range up to 65 ft indoors1
- 3.5 mm audio-in port for a wired connection to your devices
- Frequency response: 80Hz - 20kHz
- Dimensions (length width height):
17in x 9in x 7in | 44cm x 23cm x 18cm
- Weight:11 lbs / 5 kg
When used as a standalone speaker the V600 fills a room. When combined with the V400, the music envelopes the entire house.

Sonically the Korus speaker system is superb. This mids are clear and the lows and highs fully detectable even at full volume. The bass wasn't overtly deep but pronounced enough appreciate it.

It's balanced enough to enjoy all the instruments used in a classical piece and the musicality of a hip-hop piece.
Setting up the Korus system was easy. Once I connected the proprietary Lightning Baton all I had to to do was turn on the speaker and choose music streaming app.

I struggled a little trying to use the 30 Pin Baton because I never read instruction’s and tried using an iPod Classic.

The good news is that there is a 3.5mm audio-in port for older devices.

I was also able to stream from my iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 4, iPad 3, MacBook Pro (mid 2012) and Asus Chromebook C300 with no issues.
The V600 all in one bundle includes the V600 speaker, a Lightning, USB and 30 Pin Baton and 2 charges cables and costs $449.99.

The V400 bundle includes all the same extras and costs $349.99.

If you’re in the market for a home sound system I would definitely suggest the V600 and if you can afford it add on the V400 for the multi room experience.

It’s one thing to fill a room with music but to be enveloped with music is a whole other experience.
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