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UCA Image Bank

Quick overview of the project

Polly Christie

on 8 July 2010

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Transcript of UCA Image Bank

UCA Image Bank A collection of images for use by staff and students in learning and teaching for Internal Use only technical issues Metadata Sourcing Images Engagement &
Marketing looking at various
software solutions

and Tools E-prints
MDID ability to annotate records
create lightboxes
save and compare images
download images .... and zoom in and and out staff's own collections
buy-in images
digitise slides
other.... issues with
Adaptation of VRA Core 4
Dublin Core
MARC staff survey
meetings/subject boards
newsletters & articles for Internal Use only and zoom in developing controlled lists for
processes and techniques
UCA course structure
other pedagogic standards w: ucaimagebank.blogspot.com
e: pchristie2@ucreative.ac.uk
t: 01252 892720 © Courses
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