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Drought in australia

No description

Tasi Jackson

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Drought in australia

What is Drought?
Drought is the lack of rain on a specific area, leading to short supply of water. This is also often referred to as "El Niño".
Drought in Australia
By Jackson and Tasi
Agricultural impact
It affects Australia's agriculture because without water crops and cattle will be dehydrated and eventually die off. Due to the drought, most of the soil will become infertile and not give off enough produce for the farmers to harvest.
The effect of droughts.
Droughts have a much bigger effect than what most people would like to believe. From, starvation and dehydration of cattle, to even worse things such as loss of food and human casualties. When water is scarce there isn't much drought can't do to our country and to us, its inhabitants.

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Environmental Effects
Drought has a massive impact on the environment, such as an increased amount of bushfires, an increased population of endangered species and even extinction of some. It also causes disease of wild animals due to the lack of food and water.
Economic Impact
Droughts can cost people and businesses a lot of money. Since agriculture (farming) plays such a crucial role for our economy, when Australia has droughts not only do the farmers and producers suffer but so do share holders and other businesses relying on the affected farms' produce.
Ways we can prepare for drought
What can cause drought
(the geography book. . . )

Thank you for listening
Social impacts
Droughts have a huge impact on people's health, and safety. Farmers can experience anxiety, stress or even go into depression over the loss of crops and cattle, or financial problems. Disease is much more common due to lack of water quality, and the farmers have to work much harder in order to keep crops and cattle alive.
There is no way to stop drought, but there are ways you can prepare for drought so that it limits the impact. Water management is crucial, so make sure you use the amount of water wisely before the drought comes. As well as this it is recommended that you install water efficient appliances and fix any leaking taps or pumps.
Drought is often caused by lack of La Niña weather conditions; generally when there is no precipitation or atmospheric moisture, our ecosystem has no hope of flourishing. Unfortunately for us, natural climate patterns aren't the only common cause of drought. Often we, humans, are the problem. People need water, and often when there is an increasing population we find ways to reach it. However, at that stage the precious water can sometimes become overused to an extent that causes drought.
Drought affected areas
We have found that the area most affected by drought is in Queensland, more specifically rural Queensland. The least affected area by drought on average was south-western Tasmania. Which is often home to the most rainfall per year in Australia. The Northern Territory's most affected areas remain consistently to be in eastern Northern Territory, where there is very low rainfall.
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