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Denmark's Culture

No description

Ethan Rioux

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Denmark's Culture

Denmark's Culture
Map of Denmark
Taboo in Denmark: Reversed Peace Sign
the reversed peace sign is considered an insult
Taboo: Ok Sign (is not OK)
The OK sign is considered a swear in Denmark
Fast Facts
Role of Women
Women are equal to men
Encouraged to pursue career

Useful Words:
#2 in restaurant the world, formerly #1
No- from "nordisk" (Nordic) and -ma from "mad" (Food)
Reservations required a year in advance
Drastically new take on Danish cuisine
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Danish Hot Dog Stands
Called "Pølsevogn", meaning "sausage wagon"
Serve "Pølse", meaning sausage
Very popular, equivalent to American Fast food
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Traditional Danish Dishes
Stegt Flæsk
Frikadeller with Rugbrød and Pickled Gherkins
Events in Denmark
Be on time. Punctuality is important
People are called Danes, Danish
Population: 5,556,452
Official Name: Kingdom of Denmark
Capital: Copenhagen
Leaders: Queen Margrethe II and Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schimdt
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
By: Cal Oberlander, Dan O'Connell, Ethan Rioux, and Harry Shanmugam
Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Danish National Anthem: There is a Lovely Country
Prime Minister of Denmark
Nicknamed "Gucci Helle"- spends a lot of money on fashion
Drastic measures: Cut taxes, almost-free childcare, maternity leave benefits
When eating, you must eat everything on your plate.Don't toast the host until they toast you. Never toast an elder. Plan to stay at least 1 hour after eating. Dinners are 4-5 hours.
Karen Blixen
Shake hands with everyone when leaving.
Taboo: Over-Complimenting
Danes do not appreciate excessive flattery on looks or appearance
Writer that lived from 1885-1962
Wrote under pseudonym Isak Dinesen
Her novels and stories became extremely famous
Earnest Hemingway admitted she should have gotten his Nobel Prize
The national sport of Denmark is Soccer

Denmark was the 1992 Euro Cup Champions

Won the Confederations cup in 1995

Made it to the World Cup Quarterfinals in 1998.
Shake hands with everybody when you arrive. Shake hands with the woman first
"Period of plan stabilising for a specialist doctor's practice"
Cycling Culture
Cycling is fully integrated into modern Danish culture
Most workers commute daily using bicycles
Highway for bicycles
Copenhagen voted "Best city for Cyclists" in 2012
Popular Culture
Folk Culture
Folk Music in Denmark
kvindernes rolle
kort over Danmark
danske nationalsang: Der er et yndigt land
Hurtige facts
begivenheder i Danmark
dansk mad
(Danish for Danish)
Famous Danes
kendte danske folk
Jørn Utzon
Architect of Sydney Opera House
Hans Christian Anderson
Author of "The Little Mermaid", "Thumbelina", "The Ugly Duckling", and others
National sport in winter
Invented by the Danes
Denmark has won 3 olympic gold medals ('96, '00, '04) in Handball, all won by the women's team
Pictures Cited
Towns used to have a few designated musicians who would play at dances, processions, and ritual
Primarily used fiddle
Danced to square dancing, pair dances and others
Rock and Pop Music in Denmark









rock og pop musik i Danmark
Groups were influenced by bands in the United states and started moving towards pop and rock music in the 1970s
Now some songs by Danish songwriters are international hits: "Superstar" & "No Promises"
Fast Food in Denmark
American fast food chains have diffused to Denmark
traditionelle danske retter
fastfood i Danmark
Fashion and Clothing in Denmark
mode og tøj i Danmark
"... designers excel in the art of clothing design that is suited to the frigid weather, as well as the Copenhagener biking lifestyle, yet still oozes sophistication, style and Nordic flair." ("Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark")
Traditional Clothing
traditionel beklædning
Pictures Cited continued

9 April 1918 - 29 November 2008
April 2, 1805 – August 4, 1875
Denmark's Taboos
Ole Kirk Christiansen
Inventor of legos
7 April 1891 – 11 March 1958
http: //brickowl.com/files/image_cache/larger/lego-basic-bricks-large-set-5623-15.png
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Successful Women
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