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Popular Culture

Social 10-1; St Joseph High School

Chandra Manley

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Popular Culture

By Chandra Manley
These images represent the current pop culture; Facebook, Starbucks, neon clothing, P!nk, The Big Bang Theory, dip dyed hair, fast food, Fun, Tom Cruise and things like the cinnamon challenge.
They are parts of current popular culture because people listen, watch, do, play and use these things.
A new fad on YouTube at this moment is called a "Draw My Life". Here is a fan-made video for Harry Potter.
Here is a mashup of the music of current popular culture.
Some items of popular culture last a while, but some are gone before anyone can say that they have become old. The toy brand "Webkinz" is an example of this, these toys became very popular in 2007 but the popularity of the product declined in 2009.
This is an example of a fad that arrived, became very popular and departed.
Other examples of lost fads include the Furbies and Crazy Bones; Crazy Bones were banned at schools because they caused many fights and student theft. Furbies lost their popularity when demands grew so high, parents were buying them for hundreds of dollars.
Different media and communication technologies include cellphones, laptops and tablet; these affect popular culture greatly because popular culture is designed to be applicable in any of these devices.
Popular culture is a huge influence on teenagers, this is because they all want to fit in with each other; and as a result of popular culture being something that everyone can have in common; it is a large influence in their lives.
The country that has the greatest influence on global pop culture is the USA; here are three reasons why.

1 A huge American influence on global pop culture is sports; more than 100 countries play basketball worldwide and in that 100, there are more than 400 million people that play.
2 American media is another great influence on pop culture around the world. Movies like E.T. with more than 100 million tickets bought worldwide and James Cameron’s Avatar with more than 90 million tickets sold are both a part of American media; they influence people’s attitudes toward others, the way people speak to each other, what they wear etc.
3 The English language is another influence; opposing the suggestion of the name, English does not originate from England. And although it is a West Germanic language, America has replaced different words and changed them into slang. For example; people say “mad” instead of “angry” or “dumb” instead of “stupid”
There are several different food challenges; although they are starting to cool off as a “hot” thing to do, people still do them. Some of these challenges include the cinnamon challenge, the saltine cracker challenge and the milk chug challenge.
Here is a video of the cinnamon challenge.
Starbucks has recently become a popular, trendy place to get coffee and coffee-based drinks; although it can be a little pricey, people like to hang out there because of the ambiance and it is the “trendy” place to be.
Facebook is a way for people to express who they are and share things with friends and family; because of this, a lot of people have a Facebook account. Facebook is a part of popular culture because it is a way to share popular culture.
Music is huge in popular culture; if a person asked you “Who’s Justin Bieber?” you would probably think that they were joking. Music is something a person uses to show who they are, and that is why it is a part of popular culture.
Gaming has become very popular, it is part of popular culture because it is a fun way for teenagers and children to socialize; the average teenager spends more than 20 hours gaming. Many people play video games so that they can be relatable to their friends and "fit in".
Dip-dyed hair is very popular because it is easy to do and looks funky. It is part of popular culture because people think that it is a fashion statement toward who they are and also it can be done at home using Kool-Aid.
The Big Bang Theory is a current comedy TV show; many people watch it and consider not watching it “missing out”. The Big Bang Theory is part of popular culture because it is well known throughout the world; for example, people in Canada watch it and all the way on the other side of the Earth, people from South Africa also watch it.
Phones are also part of popular culture; this is because with much of popular culture on the internet, people need a quick, easy way to access the internet to keep up conversations with multiple people and make plans - not to mention easy access entertainment.
Harry Potter is and has been a part of popular culture and has many fans. Teenagers love this book because they can relate to the school (and later on love) problems; it also provides an escape from real school life and life, which is not unlike Role-Playing Games.
Robert Downey Jr. is part of popular culture because he is the star in the Iron Man movies; there are Iron Man figurines for children and collectable versions for anyone to collect.
Robo-Chi was a very popular collection of robotic animals, including Poo-Chi, Meow-Chi, Dino-Chi and many others. Like Pixel Chix, there wasn’t anything that really led to the decline in popularity except that newer, trendier and cooler looking robots arrived.
Pixel Chix
Hannah Montana was a very popular hit, especially with girls ages 8 and up. But because of Miley Cyrus’s abrupt change in attitude, style and behaviour, the TV show Hannah Montana lost much popularity.
When Crazy Bones first came out, it was very popular; the popularity continued, but the toy was banned from schools because it was the main cause of fights and quarrels between students. After the toy was banned, people lost interest in it because they could not show their “Gogos”, (which is another name for them) off to their friends.
The Lava Lamp lost much popularity after a man had an accident with it, he was killed by an explosion after he heated his lava lamp on the stove, standing close to it when it exploded, glass shards embedded into his heart and killed him.
Like many hand held games, Pixel Chix was very popular, there really wasn’t much that contributed to the downfall in popularity except that newer, cooler toys and latest trends arrived.
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