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MAG Ideas


just me

on 8 July 2009

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Transcript of MAG Ideas

thesis Ideas Anne Schanz
new classes/teachers
potential sponsors official institutions over 10 years, content has been collected in multimedia dgroups (email/listserv) aim: prepare outcomes for different audiences fostering continuty with a social network for a
web-based intercultural learning platform aggregating outcomes/
extracting content from web-based communication Evaluation of the use of web-based means of communication in intercultural educational projects (ex.: GTP) success factors in web-based intercultural learning platforms platforms to compare GTP Scholar21 e-twinning avoid mistakes find out positive lessons learned outcomes of
the comparison 1 2 3 4 2 1 3 4 which one is used where and how often? Quantitative analysis: which tools are used for web-based
communication ? qualitative analysis: which have the greatest impact? wiki question: which combination of tools
in which context is most effective? participating teachers/students results could be possibly partly integration of "myGTP" categories educational goals setting (worldwide, local) technical platform conceptual framework (project phases?) outreach provide an overview of existing similar platforms/projects point out ways for improvement to develop a concept for a social platform that serves as a space for former GTP students create a list of requirements for a platform problems could be can a niche-network compete with Facebook&Co? very different prerequisites in user groups
skills for sustainable implementation
more capacity needed aims create feeling of identification with the project longer lasting, more sustainable
intercultural exchange provide students the possibility of shaping GTP
give them a voice others... what do children in 30 countries think about
AIDS corruption their life their future world politics
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