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6 poems written for Ms. DeBoer's class

Chris Beall

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Poems

Poems Sad, and Alone, memories of times together, and your last conversation ring in your head.
The click of the phone line disconnecting, the silence on the other end.
Waiting in anticipation for the phone to ring again.
But it never does.
All hope seems lost.
Maybe you should just give up.
Deep inside you know the call will come.
The wait seems everlasting.
Silence fills the room.
Just as you are about to give up you hear a ring and energy rushes into you.
Finally, you answer and the voice renews you for the long day ahead. Phone Call The Future The future us a rugged sail.
Shrouded by a fog of indecision.
The rocks grind under you as you slowly creep along.
Then a lighthouse appears, shining so bright.
And leads you to safety.
a Baseball Teams
Easygoing, Untalented
Walking, Losing, Failing
Baseball, Bat, Base, Teams
Running, Excelling, Catching
Intense, Talented
Titans Select Baseball Game The crack of the bat,
the whistle of the ball falling,
back to the earth like a meteor.
The snap of the glove devouring the ball,
The shout of an umpire,
"Out."he cries with a powerful indifference.
The crowd leaping to thier feet cheering on the play.
Baseball, a wonderful game. The End Alone, lost, hated, forgotten,
a thousand lies run through your head.
How many lives would be better without you?
How many lives would be worse?
This is the last thought that goes through your mind,
As you fall from the building's ledge.
You dont look back.
You fall free and unafraid.
You see your life flash before your eyes.
Then a hand grabs yours and you are jerked to a halt.
You are both exhilarated, and saddened.
You are alive.

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