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Our presentation to show to prospects to get them interested in the product and opportunity

Connor McCarrick

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Vemma

Nutrition for Life Vemma Vemma's Mission The Decision Illness is the number one cause for personal bankruptcy and financial problems are the number one cause of unhappiness
Vemma offers enhanced health through supplementation, and Vemma delivers the results people are looking for, guaranteed.
The second part of their plan includes the sharing of Vemma products. They devote their advertising dollars to the people who choose to champion our mission and promote the Vemma brand.
The real power of our success lies in the simplicity of our business model VEMMA MAKES SENSE!!!!! Vemma has decades of expert experience in Network Marketing developing their business strategy to help you make $$$$$
When you share the product, share the business and help others do the same, we reward you directly just by leveraging your social network
Vemma offers several bonuses based on your performance and investment, and pays you weekly based on the total sales volume of EVERYONE you directly or indirectly got involved with the business! Network Marketing We work together to help you promote your business
We want you to be successful because your success contributes to ours!
We have proven methods to help recruit new team members and train them to become leaders so that they can do the same
Current Vemma successes are always willing to get on a skype or conference call to share their story and help you spark the enthusiasm in your friends and family that you want to see succeed as well WE ARE A TEAM Vemma is continuing to grow, and fast! It will grow with or without you.
Are you willing to put in the effort to make a positive change in your future?
Improve the lives of people around the world through proper nutrition
Reduce health care costs by preventing disease and illness
Provide people with a way to positively affect those they love physically, mentally, and financially Vemma company has performed multiple extensive clinical trials with the most credible experts in the field to test the effectiveness of their products
These trials have shown that Vemma products are successful at increasing overall health and wellness
The fact that these kind of studies are not required in the wellness industry speaks to the credibility of Vemma; Their results have been published in two peer reviewed journals!!!!! Malnutrition
Americans continue to get sicker even though we are spending more money on health care, why?
Americans consume low quality, highly processed food that provides calories but have little to no nutritional value
Even though we take daily vitamins there is no guaranteeing that we are able to process these nutrients in their inorganic form
Malnutrition is the cause of 90% of all illness in the world!
Vemma Works! What's in Vemma Products? The Vemma Formula Inside seal guarantees you've received the clinically studied blend of full spectrum vitamins, plant-sourced minerals, mangosteen and aloe in every serving.
Vemma contains 90+ vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients at 100% DAILY VALUE OR MORE in almost every nutrient
Vemma is designed in a bio-available liquid that makes it easily absorbed, unlike daily multivitamins
The Possibilities Are ENDLESS Unlimited possibilities! We don't place any barriers ahead of you; we let you determine your own success. Achieve goals like obtaining financial freedom, receiving rewards and recognition, having more time for the things and people who matter the most, enjoying flexible schedules, and taking the opportunity to be your own boss and define how much or little you want to make. If you can dream it, you can achieve it! Exponential Growth Once you get your business started you will begin to accumulate partners on your team
It starts off with a slow and steady growth
As you accumulate more members and get them excited about the product and opportunity you will watch your team grow faster
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