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Ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor

No description

Waphoze Belinski

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor

For anyone's interest, the Greeks identified Hathor with Aphrodite (The Greek's Goddess of love and beauty) and Romans with Venus (The Roman's Goddess of love and beauty) because they were similar. The Egyptian God/Goddess that I was assigned to research is Goddess Hathor. Hathor is a very ancient goddess and was one of the most important and popular deities throughout the history of Egypt. She is the goddess of love, beauty, motherhood, music and joy. She is also a goddess of many other things and she is believed to be a protector of women. There are many different myths about Hathor's parents and husband. However, the most accurate myth seems to be the one with Horus and Hathor: Hathor is the wife and mother of Horus, god of the sky, and her parents are Nut and Geb. Egyptians believed that Hathor is the mother of Horus because the name Hathor means "House of Horus". Hathor's true position is unclear because there are many different myths about her parents and husband. Just a little fact about Hathor, egyptians worshipped her throughout all of Egypt. Her cult center was at Dendera at Upper Egypt. So you may wonder, who is Hathor? Hathor has many symbols, and the picture that I'm about to show you shows all of the symbols that she is wearing. Please look at the arrows carefully and what symbol they're pointing at. I will explain what they are and what it means. The symbol that Hathor is holding in her right hand is called a Uas. If a god or goddess wields it, they symbolize health and happiness. The Uas scepter is placed with a dead person, giving them a pleasant life on the other side of the world. This symbol connected to Hathor's horns is called an Uraeus. The cobra is an emblem of Lower Egypt. It is associated with the king, and kingdom of Lower Egypt. It is also associated with the sun and with many deities. The cobra represented the "fiery eye of Re", in which two uraei can be seen on either side of a winged solar disk. This is a sun disk. It is one of the symbols of Hathor, and the two cow horns hold it in place. The sun disk is the head ornament of Hathor. However, in the New Kingdom, Isis took over this symbol from Hathor. She was worshiped as the sister and wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus. The next 2 arrows that I'm about to tell you about are just the appearances of Hathor, not the symbols. Her human form. Her cow form.
This is the symbol of Hathor, and when people see this symbol they know what it is. [The sun disk with the cow horns] Hathor's background An interesting story picked up by Egyptians is that when a baby is born, Seven Hathors appeared and announced their fate, knowing what will happen and when they die. This is Hathor's name in hieroglyphics. By : Desmond Cheung = ) Horus Ra Goddess Hathor's true position may be revealed someday, and maybe more information on her will also be shown in the future.
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