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Medal of Honor Recipients

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lib hist

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor Recipients

Jack Jacobs
Drew Dix
Tibor Rubin
John Hawk
Medal of Honor Recipients by Nicole Webster and Starr Rodgers
During an enemy counterattack, John Hawk was wounded in the leg. Even though he was wounded, he climbed into an exposed position. He became a human aiming stake for the destroyers. He was heroic and fearless even though he was injured. He showed courage, and bravery.
During the war, Drew Dix rescued a nurse that had been trapped somewhere in the city he was in. He led a force to rescue the nurse. He then went back to the center area of the city. When he went to one of the buildings and became under enemy fire. He assaulted the building. He rescued 2 Filipinos and killed 6 Viet Cong. The next day he assembled a 20 person force and cleared the Viet Cong. out of a hotel theatre and the surrounding buildings. He in total killed 14 Viet Cong. ( with the possibility of 25 more ), captured 20 prisoners, and rescued 14 civilians. "He risked his life above and beyond the call of duty." He reflects great credit to the U.S. army. He showed courage, and bravery.
"The mind could prevail even as the body suffered." was what Medal of Honor recipient Tibor Rubin once said. He had a very strong never give in, never give up attitude when he was in war and when he was captured in a concentration camp in Mauthausen for four-teen months and when he was a prisoner of war for over six years. he had joined the and went to fight in the Korean War in 1948 to show his appreciation to the United States. When in the Korean War he showed a lot of bravery and a very take charge attitude when he used the last machine gun to protect a position so that majorly wounded and hurt soldiers could retreat.
Jack Jacobs was a soldier in the Vietnam War. He began as a Jewish army lieutenant in 1966. He took charge in many situations. Jack Jacobs also did a lot to make himself stand out a lot. It was not on purpose but he became very noticed for going above and beyond what was necessary and even when he was wounded in the war, he still took charge and lead his fellow soldiers when their lead did not return with them. Mr. Jack Jacobs showed incredible valor during his time serving this country.
How They Are Alike
All of the medal of honor recipients showed bravery and courage.
How They Are different
All of them show different characteristics. Jack Jacobs tried to make himself stand out. Tibor Rubin had a never give up attitude, and John Hawk was completely fearless. Unlike the others, Drew Dix and Jack Jacobs were the kind to take charge of a situation.
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