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01.06 Review and Project Milestone

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Hafsa Nasim

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of 01.06 Review and Project Milestone

Topic #1 -- Defense Mechanisms
Topic #3 -- Applied Psychology
This is a school of psychology that focuses on theories and principles that are related to solving real-world problems. Some branches of this field include: health psychology, educational psychology and positive psychology. This field of psychology helps to improve peoples' lives.
Abraham Maslow developed a theory called the hierarchy of needs. In it he proposed that individuals are motivated by a drive to satisfy levels of unfulfilled needs. This enables us to always thrive for satisfying the needs of the next level. Ultimately, leading us to the top - self-actualization. However, this state is achieved only by few.
Topic #2 -- Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Defense Mechanisms, developed by Freud, are coping strategies the ego uses whenever an unconscious conflict arises between the id and superego. They tend to reduce our anxiety and help us deal with our life's problems. Some examples include: denial, repression and displacement.
01.06 Review and Project Milestone
I think I most often use the defense mechanism projection. Whenever I get into arguments with my friends and siblings, I tend to project my feelings onto them. I think it is not the best way to handle a situation, blaming them for what I feel but at the end of the day it does the job of the defense mechnism which is to keep my ego intact.
By incorporating Maslow's theory into my life, it can help me to go on live in a healthy and satisfied lifestyle. With always being motivated to do better, It will help me to live a more positive life. By following his hierarchy, it will lead me to become self-actualized. This means I will eventually become my best self once all my lower level needs are satisfied. Currently, I believe I'm struggling with esteem needs. Using Maslow's hierarchy has helped me to identify my problem and know what to work forward.
Applied psychology is always helping us improve our everyday life, to help us live in a healthier and successful manner. From educational purposes to health related problems, applied psychology is continuously trying to figure out new ways to better our way of life. My sister has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and an educational psychologist, which is a branch of applied psychology, has helped her figure out what educational plan is well suited for her and teaches her ways to focus better.
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