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Saving zasha

No description

Max Krueger

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Saving zasha

Saving zasha
mikhail and his family find a dieing man with a german shepard. they save the mikhail saves the dog and protrcts it from the outside world. will he succed, or will ha fail...

read the book....................
setting takes place during wwii
in a small russian town
on a farm
rising action: mikhail finds a zasha.
conflict: charecter vs. society.
falling action: dog nappers are caught.
resolution: mikhail and zasha are still living.
historical fiction
Authors tone
author doesnt agree with the wars conditions
Mood of the book
tense at sometimes
but mostly exited
the theme of the book was a message to show the right and the wrong, and to show how to be a leader.
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