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No description

Nach Ro

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Opening

You get us!
With the beauty of Natural Black Hair
The Fabulosity of:
The variety of
and the fantastic colors of
What do you get when you combine....
Who we are, what we do, and who we do it for.
Nach-Ro is a home based sole proprietorship that offers a wide range of products and services via our website.

Nach-Ro is a brand name that represents the beauty and pride of African American women in their natural state.

Besides being on e-retailer, Nach-Ro will also vendor at events aimed at our target clientele. This will give us a chance to not only get to meet our customers face to face, but we can raise awareness of our brand and profits as well.

Our Team
Nach-Ro is owned and operated by Monique Shaney' Cleveland - Young, who has collaborated with the top distributors in the Imprinted Sportswear and Promotional Products industry to create a line of products and services sure to please our target market:

Our clothing will come from Kavio! and Colorado Timberline, as well as One-Stop Inc.
Our home / office decor will come from Branders.com and Just Vision It!
Our designs will be added to our merchandise by Stahls DFC, who also offers an array of specialized inks that will make our designs pop and stand out above all others!
African American women in their natural state are seen as unattractive and unprofessional.
African American women in their natural state are depicted as evil, violent, loud, ignorant and hyper-sexed.
Many African American women praise white women as the standard of beauty, ignoring their own beauty in the process.
Nach-Ro aims exclusively to African American females with natural hair to represent and celebrate their beauty and pride in a way that is sexy, yet classy and always over-the-top-fabulous!
Marketing / Sales
Nach-Ro's key demographic is African American women ages 18+ who wear their natural hair proudly. Due to the fact that their demographics are not useful in the usual sense, we choose to use the VALS proprietary methodology used for psycho-graphic market segmentation based on Values, Attitudes and Lifestyles.
(aged 36-55) are primarily motivated by
self-expression, these women are successful, sophisticated, take-charge people with high self-esteem. They are trend-setters, making them most receptive to new ideas and technologies. They are very active consumers, purchasing products that reflect cultivated tastes for upscale, niche products and services. Image is important to these women, not as evidence of status or power, but as an expression of their tastes, independence and personality.
(aged 18-35) are primarily motivated by self-expression and these young, enthusiastic and impulsive consumers become quickly excited about new possibilities, but are equally quick to cool. They seek variety and excitement, savoring the new, the offbeat and the risky. They are avid customers and spend a comparatively high proportion of their income on fashion, entertainment and socializing. They purchase products that reflect emphasis that they "look good" and "have cool stuff".
Distribution 2
Kavio offers no minimum on their orders, so we can use the "made to order" method to keep our inventory low. They will put out labels and tags on their products and ship them to Stahls DFC for design fulfillment.
Black women are still looking up to white women as images of beauty.
What are they teaching young black girls about their natural beauty?
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